18 Oct 2012

KeelWit Technology and Prosegur jointly develop a specific security device for electro-mobility

Prosegur, a leading company in the safety industry, has developed together with KeelWit Technology a specific version of its widely acclaimed Prosegur Alarmas Móviles (known as PAM) device to equip electric bicycles, tricycles and small electric cars. This industry premier is a strong tool for e-fleet management, as well as for vehicle protection and quick retrieval if stolen. The device is permanently linked 24/365 to the HQ of Prosegur’s Alarm Center, allowing a wide team of security industry professionals to track the movements of the vehicles and to receive on-line information on their performance and status, warning them on any need for their reaction. The work done on the device includes energy-consumption optimization for reduced energy need of the “standby mode” in order to minimize the impact on the vehicle’s range granted by its batteries. With this project, leaded by KeelWit, Prosegur enhances its strong support for environmentally concerned projects, granting Vienenbici’s e-trikes a powerful tool, comparable with the ones used by conventional engine vehicles, and placing them a step above their competitors in sustainable mobility...
20 Sep 2012

Presentation of the electric trike for last mile distribution designed by KeelWit Technology for vienenbici to Madrid’s town hall and regional government authorities, as well as representatives of several logistic industry leading companies

On September 20th, and as part of the acts taking place during the European Mobility Week, CITET (Innovation Centre for Logistics & Transportation) hosted, together with Vienenbici, the presentation of KeelWit’s recently created TEC (Electric Trike for downtown Last Mile Distribution) to authorities and logistic companies. This event gathered Mrs. Eva Piera, Economy & Employment Deputy Minister of Madrid’s Regional Government, Mr. Federico Jiménez de Parga, Transportation General Manager of Madrid’s Regional Government, Mr.Carlos López Jimeno, Industry General Manager of  Madrid’s Regional Government, Mr.Javier Rubio de Urquía, Madrid’s City Hall Mobility Coordinator, Mrs. Paz Valiente, Environment Deputy Director for Madrid’s City Hall, Mr. Eduardo Zapata,Secretary General of UNO (Logistics & Ttransportation Employer’s Organization) and CITET’s  Director, as well as first rank executives of the main logistic companies (SEUR, TNT, etc.). After a brief demo on how TNT currently operates in La Latina quartier, with this kind of vehicles, these authorities approached the TEC to receive deeper information on its advantages and performance and finally rode it around the open square of Mercado Puerta de Toledo. Eva Piera emphasized the Regional Government’s support to CITET and eco-friendly projects as TEC, “due to several reasons but specially due to the strong R&D efforts done in logistics & transportation in order to improve small companies’ competitiveness and create new job and business opportunities”. As Eduardo Zapata stated, “TEC is a technologically advanced vehicle, with a highly efficient energy use, non-polluting, and it allows a flexible, comfortable and silent last mile distribution business, combined with traditional logistic schemes. There is no doubt that it is a realistic solution for many mobility and environmental...
18 Jun 2012

KeelWit presents a new electric trike for sustainable last-mile distribution

KeelWit presents in SIL (Logistic International Fair) held in Barcelona, the electric tricycle developed for the logistic company VIENENBICI to be used in sustainable last-mile delivery KeelWit Technology has developed for Vienenbici a range of electrically assisted tricycles to be used for Last Mile Delivery in the downtown of big cities. The development of this first model for parcel delivery companies has been done through a taskforce leaded by KeelWit and integrated by the COO of several of the main companies in this business. With the support of both UNO (Logistics and Transport Companies’ Confederation), e+e Proyectos y Eficiencia Energética andCITET (Technological Centre for Innovation applied to Logistics and Transport), the team held several meetings focused in establishing the definition of what an “ideal tricycle” should be. KeelWit later developed the first working prototype in only 3 months according to the “case study results”. Powered through LiFePO4 batteries, the tricycle is equipped with substantial improvements both in technology and user-friendliness, compared with current state-of-the-art vehicles in this market. All of the improvements are bespoke features created by KeelWit, turned into standard following the requests of the 6 companies involved in the project. Learn more in: http://www.citet.es/noticia.aspx?id_noticia=56 http://www.newronia.com/node/140 http://www.vienenbici.com/colaboradores/ http://www.nexotrans.com/nexolog/noticia/citet/uno/proponen/que/operador/logistico/juegue/papel/mayor/valor/comercio/electronico/49760/ http://www.empresariosporelmundo.es/web/continentes/el-sil-abre-sus-puertas-a-firmas-logisticas-de-24-paises/ http://www.nexotrans.com/nexolog/noticia/10/forum/mediterraneo/logistica/transporte/analiza/retos/oportunidades/mediterraneo/49457/ http://www.observatorioplastico.com/detalle_noticia.php?no_id=181411 http://larazon.es/suplementos/show/sil-2012/files/assets/basic-html/page6.html http://www.silbcn.com/docs_prensa2012/novedades_cast.pdf...
1 Sep 2011

Eurobike fair Friedrichshafen (Germany)

KeelWit presents the YRide, a new HMI (Human Machine Interface) for electric bicycles (8/30 – 9/3) 01/09/2011 KeelWit presents the YRide, a new HMI (Human Machine Interface) for electric bicycles (8/30 – 9/3) Following Bector Bike’s  demand, KeelWit Technology has designed and programmed a HMI on an iPhone © that includes the following features: Bike’s motor power release control Low / high beams control for front lighting Rear view camera control. The camera is integrated in the saddle and simplifies turning while riding as rear view images are displayed on the iPhone © automatically when blinkers are activated GPS navigation control Automatic Emergency Call in case of sudden violent deceleration if rider does not confirm no damage suffered Information display: Bike’s speed Pedaling speed Remaining range with the battery charge available (dynamic recalculation) % of battery charge remaining (dynamic recalculation) Current time and hours spent riding %  of the required energy for current speed provided by the motor and by the rider This software has been enriched with the development of a hard-case cell for the smartphone. It includes a hard cover enabling the use of the tactile screen whilst providing protection from dust and rain. The iPhone is permanently branched to the bicycle battery to allow continuous use of its applications without smartphone’s battery abuse.   Infotainment & safety features integration through the use of a smartphone as per KeelWit’s devices become a sound improvement of road safety for bikers. Read more in ymt-Bikes...
15 Aug 2011

KellWit designs Airone electric bike

Searching for both design and usefulness, KeelWit has designed a new electric bicycle of sleek, elegant and fluid shapes and lines. These shapes hide a fully integrated electric system within the frame Searching for both design and usefulness, KeelWit has designed a new electric bicycle of sleek, elegant and fluid shapes and lines. These shapes hide a fully integrated electric system within the frame. The All Inclusive Recharging ON-board Equipment provides a bigger riding range as it includes all the necessary elements for the battery recharge within its frame. This allows users to have mental freedom and to avoid range anxiety linked to the uncertainty of not having battery charge enough for the desired promenade, if the charger is forgot at home. With a method of extracting battery and charger together, it offers an easy way of bringing home both to charge the battery overnight. Additionally the system allows to directly plug the bicycle to a standard socket, wherever the bike is parked. This market-first grants freedom for the users as the bike can be charged wherever and whenever power supply is available. Safety lies in the DNA of this bicycle, like in any other product designed by KeelWit. It features braking lights, blinkers, high&low beams, etc. This model also receives the first integration of its motor and the new HMI (Human-Machine-Interface) developed by KeelWit on an iPhone © base, allowing the rider to control the most relevant information on the bike operation, as well as to exploit the communication and additional applications offered by a smartphone. For watching the Airone video click here....
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