José María Cancer speaker in Expoquimia’s 50th anniversary

José María Cancer speaker in Expoquimia’s 50th anniversary

EXPOQUIMIA, international fair organized by the Pharma and Chemical Industries celebrated its 50th anniversary in 2015. The main event linked to this anniversary was a round table of experts from different industries sharing their vision on what the near future shall bring to pharma and chemical sectors.

José María Cancer presented the similarities of the troubles faced by the Automotive Industry in the latest decades and the current concerns of Expoquimia’s associates. If similarities can be found in the threats faced, similarities might also be found in the solutions needed. Simulation Driven Design Techniques as well as energy management and energy cost reduction in thermodynamic processes play a key role in a company’s survival.

KeelWit’s know-how on simulation techniques as well as advanced cooling systems, pressure management and combustion reactions have been successfully applied in different industries with paybacks of less than 2 years. This part of the speech became a trending topic in the following discussion among the board of guest speakers of the event.

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