15 Sep 2017

KeelWit again selected as business showcase by ANSYS for its Advantage magazine

KeelWit’s methodology of optimization using optimization algorithms combined with ANSYS’ CFD module and solver has been selected to be included in the worldwide magazine version that ANSYS delivers to all customers showing the best uses of their software package. The article yields a summary of the methodology used in optimizing the shape of the inlet ducts of the heaters of power plants, achieving improvements of targets chosen by 24%. The methodology and proprietary algorithms are part of Isaac Prada’s PhD for which he obtained a “Cum Laude” qualification. ANSYS has decided to show these results as they show a wide range of different applications where this engineering procedure can be applied. This same methodology has also been applied to the improvement of wind tunnels’ shapes, where results obtained have given a pressure drop reduction of up to 60%.  Click on the following link to read the full article: picking-up-steam-aa-V11-I2 ANSYS...
4 Sep 2017

CFD project for a leading company in water rides design and construction

KeelWit has applied its proprietary Multi Objective Structured Hybrid Direct Search (MOST-HDS) algorithms combined with Computer Fluid Dynamics to a project performed for a worldwide leading company in the water fun-park market. The know-how of KeelWit’s engineering team has obtained an energy consumption reduction of over 50% in one of the most successful water slide attractions of the company by means of applying algorithms of optimization to improve shapes of certain...
1 Mar 2017

KeelWit Technology’s 6th anniversary

KeelWit reaches its 6th anniversary facing the design and construction of new Indoor Skydiving Wind Tunnels for its participated company EYDISA Wind Tunnels, seminars and conferences on energy efficiency to lecture and new editions of the “Formula One Managers” Program. Amidst a global scenario of scarce load of work for engineering companies, KeelWit has succeeded to adapt itself to a changing market through a diversified portfolio of competences and areas of expertise, always linked to the energy efficiency, computer fluid dynamics, optimization algorithms and eco-friendly...
14 Mar 2016

KeelWit’s project for SaarGummi Ibérica

With a global turnover that surpasses 400M€, Saargummi is one of the leading TIER 1 suppliers of the Automotive Industry, providing elastomeric body seals and moldings for many of the main car manufacturers worldwide. KeelWit is working together with Saargummi in improving its extrusion process through detailed CDF analyses of the elastomer’s behavior during...
1 Mar 2016

Fifth anniversary of KeelWit Technology

Amidst a very tough context for engineering companies in Spain, KeelWit has celebrated in its fith anniversary the success recently obtained in, at least, the following tasks: the opening of Madrid Fly, the biggest Indoor Skydiving Vertical Wind Tunnel in Europe, becoming partners of EYDISA Wind Tunnels, the company responsible of selling the engineering and construction of new facilities of this type in other cities or countries, enhancing the activity performed in Energy Efficiency projects and audits after they have become compulsary for big industries in Spain, signing new projects on CFD simulation directly with companies in other countries like USA or Poland launching new courses on Energy Efficiency (together wit Structuralia and EOI) and Management (Formula One...
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