3 Mar 2015

KeelWit works on the electrification programme of the danish railway network

Banedanmark, the Denmark Railway Net Company, has launched a large-scale project for the electrification of a large part of the Danish state railway network in the years to come. The Electrification Programme will create the framework for a more modern railway system with cheaper and more flexible, stable and efficient operation, both for passengers and cargo transportation. Furthermore, the expansion of the operation of electrical trains will reduce pollution and contribute to a cleaner environment. Banedanmark has chosen a Spanish engineering and infrastructure operator joint venture headed by Elecnor, Semi and Abengoa to carry out the Electrification Programme. At the same time, Keelwit has been subcontracted to analyze the corrosion phenomenon on a train catenary structure under severe climate conditions over time, as well as propose different coatings that could minimize/avoid such problem....
15 Sep 2014

KeelWit Technology develops a solution to prevent flashover problems in substations located in the desert for one of its clients

Due to the geographical situation of the substation, the ambient air has a high concentration of sand and salt. This high degree of pollution started generating flashover problems in the substation. Different solutions were studied to avoid the problems generated by the deposition of sand and the high environmental salinity. On one hand, several CFD 3D simulations were performed to observe the behavior of air in the surroundings of the complex. These simulations were focused in the design of different elements to aerodynamically deviate the wind from the surfaces to protect. On the other hand, a coating with silicone materials over insulators was studied, reaching the solution for the...
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