18 Jul 2014

Patent for hardware devices protecting computers against denial of service attacks presented in EU, USA and India

KeelWit Laiseca Internet Security Solutions, company incorporated by KeelWit Technology and Laiseca Technologies, has presented in target markets as EU, USA and India a patent application in order to protect its abovementioned device. After a new successful investment round that has allowed the third evolution of the device, all the development team efforts are focused in writing and presenting a new patent, including the new features obtained, that shall be implemented in the next units to be produced. The interest shown by potential investors allows both partners to be confident in a shortened time-to-market schedule compared with their prior...
25 Feb 2014

KeelWit displays its server protection device against cyberterrorist attacks at the security technology transfer meetings held during the sicur trade fair

In 2013, KeelWit Technology, in conjunction with Laiseca Technologies, incorporated KLISS (KeelWit Laiseca Internet Security Solutions S.L.) with the aim of developing, producing and selling the hardware device it invented for M2M communications and servers’ protection. The device was developed under the PCT patent application submitted by I. Prada, J.M. Cancer, J. Reyes and S. Laiseca and constitutes a robust, modular, transparent and affordable protection solution, using hardware connected to the Internet, without latency increase. During the two days of meetings, KLISS met with a number of companies, institutions and research centers expressing interest in the project. The device is currently in its third version of development and financial and industrial partners are being sought to enable mass production and the obtaining of the Common Criteria for Information Technology Security Evaluation and FIPS certificates, which are required to market it successfully. The main purpose of the meetings organized by the Madri+d Foundation was to facilitate communications and contact between European companies, research centers and universities – potential technological partners in the field of Security Technology – with the aim of promoting cooperation and business opportunities through previously scheduled interviews.   http://www.madrimasd.org/informacionidi/agenda/foros-mimasd/2014/programa/seguridad/default.asp...
1 Jan 2014

KeelWit celebrates its third anniversary by closing 2013 with an 83% increase in turnover

On March 1, KeelWit Technology celebrated its third anniversary as an engineering company. During this time, KeelWit has expanded its areas of business, performing projects in a wide range of areas, such as sustainable mobility, recycling of sports equipment, design of vertical wind tunnels for indoor sky diving, industrial process energy efficiency, CFD analysis, energy certification of buildings, remote controlled robot mobility, etc. Work has been supplemented by our own R&D in areas such as the introduction of product aerodynamic enhancement by testing in our own wind tunnel, road safety and information system security against cyber terrorist attacks. As a result, turnover in 2013 increased 83% in comparison to 2012 and 291% as opposed to 2011. In addition, EBITDA on turnover reached 32.3%, an increase of 244% with respect to 2012. Its sound financial and equity position, in addition to a positive net cash balance to meet financial commitments proves the Company’s economic viability, and that even in an unfavorable economic environment, there are opportunities for expansion in our country for engineers that develop state of the art...
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