27 Apr 2015

Agreement signed with Structuralia

KeelWit has signed an agreement with Structuralia to develop and teach some courses on energy efficiency and energy audits. Structuralia has the memorable track record of being during 13 years the leading company in technical training in Infrastructures, Energy and Engineering, with trainings focused on professional development and competence enrichment. As a result of these years, over 80.000 professionals have been trained, with more than 25% of the Spanish engineers trained currently working in projects abroad, and over 20% of the alumni being foreign students. Structuralia has a broad international presence mainly in South America, as it is part of Kaplan, a leading global provider of educational service, managing 70 universities, with more than 400 offices worldwide and over 1.000.000 students per year being trained by a staff surpassing 21.000 committed professionals. We are proud to be chosen by Structuralia to be the teachers and mentors for this training, as it is a recognition of KeelWit’s competence and know-how in energy efficiency and energy audits in the industrial sector. To learn more about Structuralia, visit: http://www.structuralia.com/es/ To learn more about Kaplan, visit: http://www.kaplan.com/about-kaplan/company-overview/ To learn more about the course we developed, visit:...
10 Apr 2015

Fans designed for Madrid Fly’s vertical wind tunnel succesfully tested

On April 10th, the first of the 4 fans for skydiving purposes jointly designed by KeelWit and Zitron was tested in the biggest test bench for axial fans in the world. With a size over 4m diameter and a weight exceeding 10 tons each, they shall deliver the needed power to propel skydivers at a speed of 300 km/h. Energy efficiency, acceleration speed and airflow quality have been some of the development guidelines followed by both engineering teams. These fans shall be installed in a very short time in Madrid Fly’s wind tunnel, where the construction of the building that shall host all the technical equipment and devices designed by KeelWit Technology, has just...
24 Nov 2014

KeelWit Technology travels to Brasil searching for new business opportunities

Isaac Prada has traveled to Brazil to analyze the possibility to locally develop projects in some of KeelWit’s areas of expertise, establishing partnerships with local companies. The main meetings were held with the Brazilian Association of Cotton Producers, SINDUSCON (Syndicate of Building Companies) and the Ministry of Mining and Energy (through its program “Power for all”). The meetings were focused on possible energy efficiency projects in industries and distributed energy resource systems.  Additionally Isaac also explained the way KeelWit uses CFD analyses to face engineering challenges and wind tunnel testing as a tool for product development. The conclusion of the trip were several engagements of exploring the synergies found and their application on different projects to be detailed during a future trip the first semester of...
18 Nov 2014

KeelWit attends the seminar on “The Automotive industry in Madrid: successes and challenges”

KeelWit attended this conference of the “Automotive Engineering Master” also linked to the “Electric & Hybrid Vehicles Course” where both Isaac Prada and José María Cancer lecture. IVECO, BOSCH and PSA lectured on the key elements that allow their manufacturing sites in Madrid to be among the most productive factories in their groups, despite the global trend of industry migration towards Asia. All lecturers highlighted the effort of competitiveness progresses made by these sites through energy efficiency improvements. The vision of the top managers of these companies reinforces KeelWit’s own vision and its choice of Energy Efficiency as one of its main work...
24 Oct 2014

KeelWit Technology attends the Franco-Spanish Congress about R&D in the water domain

The Science and Technology Spanish Foundation (FECYT), together with the French Embassy in Madrid, has organized the “Franco-Spanish Congress about R&D in the water domain”, event which allowed attendees to known first hand and discuss the main research news in the water field, as well as the different financing opportunities and the distinct European initiatives in such field, highlighting the 2020 Horizon and the Acqueau cluster. The great participation of different governmental institutions, private companies and universities has made this event a success, putting in contact many Spanish and French companies among them. During the congress, José María Cancer, partner of KeelWit Technology explained its previous experience implementing energy efficiency improvements for cooling towers, heat exchangers, condensers, ejectors and heat recovery systems inter alia, in order to find foreign partners to carry out international research projects. As a result KeelWit Technology is now a member of both R&D Platforms as an engineering company offering its know-how for R&D projects in this domain: http://www.acqueau.eu/wp-content/uploads/2014/11/ACQUEAU_Find-a-partner-template-offering-expertise-KEELWIT-TECHNOLOGY.pdf To read more about the contents of the congress, visit: http://eshorizonte2020.es/actualidad/noticias/disponibles-las-presentaciones-de-la-jornada-seminario-franco-espanol-sobre-i-d-en-el-dominio-del-agua http://www.ambafrance-es.org/El-24-de-octubre-2014-Seminario...
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