31 Jul 2014

Energy efficiency certificates results after 12,000 m2 audited by keelwit technology

KeelWit Technology has made its own statistics about the results obtained after auditing the energy efficiency of 12,000 m2 of homes and office buildings since Energy Efficiency Certificates became compulsory in Spain in June 2013 for any property sale or rental. The vast majority of buildings audited (87.8% as shown in attached pie chart) obtains an “E” level in a scale from “A” (representing an optimal energy efficiency) to “G” (meaning a building where a great part of the energy used for heating and cooling is wasted due to inappropriate building materials or old HVAC equipment). Only 7.8% of the audited buildings get a poor result such as “F” or “G”. When this same analysis is performed with nationwide results obtained by all auditors, results are much worse, showing 35% of the buildings obtained “F” and “G” levels, as seen in the attached pie chart. The main reason for this difference is that the biggest part of KeelWit’s audits has been performed in high standard private homes and office buildings of recent construction, belonging to Promora, a real estate agency specialized in the sale and rent of luxury homes, chalets, townhouses, office buildings and mansions in the capital city’s most coveted neighborhoods. When both charts are compared we can easily understand the need to carefully choose the house to rent or buy as well as the need to gradually improve the energy efficiency of existing buildings, especially due to their age when looking at the nationwide average. There is a need to increase public knowledge of the relevance of energy efficiency results. In order to do so, regional governments...
25 Jul 2013

JM Cancer is interviewed in www.idealista.com concerning the Energy Certificate granted to an outstanding property

The interview, with more than 43,000 visits and hosted on a leading real-estate sector website, focuses on the unique features of the solutions applied in a luxury house in La Moraleja area (Madrid) that enabled it to obtain the best energy efficiency grade available: “A”. In fact, amongst all the Energy Efficiency Certificates registered in Madrid,only 0.2% obtain an “A” grade, 0.8% achieve a “B”, 4% a “C”, 14.5 % a “D”, 48.3% an “E”, 13% an “F” and, finally, 19.2% obtain a “G”. The property is for sale at more than €7 M by PROMORA, a leading real estate agency, specialized in luxury houses and offices. The house was already designed from scratch to minimize energy consumption, as well as CO2 emissions, so it features domotic management and the most advanced materials and technologies. KeelWit, as a leading company in energy efficiency certification in buildings, describes the state of the art of energy efficiency in Spain and lists the key features to achieve a better energy efficiency grade. To see the interview and read the article: http://www.idealista.com/news/archivo/2013/07/25/0646095-como-conseguir-que-una-vivienda-tenga-la-maxima-calificacion-energetica-video For a film on the house where the interview was filmed:...
1 Jun 2013

KeelWit opens a new website devoted to energy efficiency certification in buildings

Since last June 1st, every owner wishing to rent or sell a flat, house, building or office is obliged to display the energy efficiency level of the building, rated through a certificate. The levels are displayed with a letter and color similar to the rating given to house appliances. KeelWit prepared this moment since 2012 through the training of its team, building a new devoted website (www.necesitouncertificadoenergetico.com) and the signature of several Memorandums of Understanding with real-state agencies, while developing new tools to calculate the savings linked to any improvement suggested by the engineering team. The business development of this area seeks to profit from the know-how of the team in energy efficiency management in industrial processes and plants through the deployment of KEEMO (KeelWit Energy Efficiency Method of Optimization). To learn more about this law:...
1 Jun 2013

Promora chooses KeelWit to certify its property portfolio

PROMORA has been for over 30 years a leading real state agency, selling and renting luxury houses and offices in the most exclusive areas of Madrid and its surrounding areas (La Moraleja, El Encinar, El Soto, Aravaca, Pozuelo, Somosaguas, Barrio de Salamanca, Castellana, Puerta de Hierro, El Viso, Ciudalcampo, Sanchinarro and Las Tablas). True professionals specialized in developing bespoke services for their customers, whilst building a close and sound relationship with them, their philosophy is mostly similar to KeelWit’s mission and vision. This has allowed both companies to reach an agreement to offer KeelWit’s services to PROMORA’s customers in order to do the compulsory energy efficiency certification required to sell or rent a property. Our engineers move to the building involved, take thermography pictures, make the required measures and after a couple of days of work at the office, send the certificate directly to the owner by email. KeelWit’s work shall enhance the rich variety of high added-value solutions granted by PROMORA to its customers. To learn more, visit: http://promora.com/es and http://www.lamoraleja.com/inmobiliaria/casas-lujo...
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