13 Nov 2014

Personal training course on ansys fluent use for KeelWit Technology

Special training course for KeelWit Technology engineers at its HQ in Madrid. The advanced training course was tailor-made for KeelWit Technology, as part of the Company’s on-going enhancement plan, aimed at furthering knowledge in Computer Fluid Dynamics, using the most powerful software available. The contents selected will allow KeelWit’s engineers to face especially complex cases in CFD simulations such as: – Fluid mixing in partially full pipes – Erosion and sudden pressure variations due to partial or total blocking of fluid pipes caused by fouling detachment from pipe inner surface – Phase change: solid-liquid or liquid-gas. – Hydraulic obstacles in water channel – Supercritical fluid behaviour and performance in conduits and equipment – Water or fluid hammer (simulation of quick transient phenomena of great pressure variations) – Deforming and moving meshes and mesh generation/erasing – Burners for pirotubular boilers Currently, there are only 150 companies in Spain that have purchased an official software license for this powerful and complex tool. It proves that KeelWit is a cutting-edge engineering company, fully equipped and experienced in fluid dynamic calculations that can be later empirically tested in the Company’s own air wind tunnel. The knowledge of these complex cases will be applied to projects developed for customers in their industrial processes as well as in certain R&D projects currently being carried out with the wind tunnel at KeelWit’s facilities....
20 Oct 2014

KeelWit Technology lectures in convergence 2014: Annual Conference of Best Practices in the Numerical Simulation Industry

ANSYS Iberia organizes an annual event where leading engineering companies are invited to lecture on the most relevant and successful projects developed through numerical simulation during the previous year. KeelWit was invited to lecture its project “Improving Flow Characteristics and Turbulence throughout the Exhaust Duct of a Gas Turbine for Combined Cycle Power Plants”. The audience of over 150 people was formed by engineering teams of some of the most relevant engineering companies in Spain such as Técnicas Reunidas, Empresarios Agrupados, ITP, CTAG, Tecnalia, Navantia, o Tecnatom. To know more on the event, visit: http://www.ansys.com/Conference/Locations/Madrid...
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