23 Sep 2016

“Team Spirit in Formula 1” and “Managing your team under stress and in uncertain environments as Formula 1 Team principals do ”, two new trainings developed for Banco Santander and Repsol

Based on the contents of the Formula One Managers training, KeelWit has developed and taught a special course on how “Team Spirit” is developed in Formula One Teams to 34 managers of Banco Santander. The course included some exercises in the flying chamber of Madrid Fly, where team skills were tested and trained to achieve better results through planification and practice.        17 managers from REPSOL also received in the Technological Centre of the company a special training on how to manage stress and how to turn it in a positive condition for working under extraordinary pressure conditions, like Formula One teams and drivers do. The second part of this course was devoted to the quantification and limitation of uncertainty and how there are powerful tools, like clustering, to study in advance only the most relevant scenarios that can happen amidst the plethora of them that might arise.  ...
16 Sep 2015

Isaac Prada’s video gets more than 700,000 visits in less than a month.

The video with the interview of Isaac Prada, co-founder of KeelWit, was created by Banco Santander (main sponsor of Formula 1 championship, and belongs to a series of videos intended to show how Formula 1 R&D is later applied to daily life devices and uses to improve our standard of living. Isaac explains how he developed in 2005 the Kinetic Energy Recovery System (KERS) used in Formula 1 race cars, which is currently being used in Zaragoza’s tramway among other uses. The video received more than 700,000 visits in less than a month all together with the Spanish, English, German and Portuguese versions. Isaac Prada won in 2005 the ALTRAN Engineering Academy worldwide contest for this design and later worked during 2 years as R&D engineer in Renault Formula 1 Team. During this period Fernando Alonso won his two world titles. The video has also been broadcasted right before Italy’s Grand Prix this...
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