27 May 2015

Isaac Prada co-writer of the book “Energía Eléctrica: Manual básico para juristas”

On the 27th of May Universidad Pontificia Comillas presented this book belonging to a list of books jointly developed by ICAI engineering school and Iberdrola. Isaac co-wrote with Mr. Ventosa, ICAI’s Principal, the first chapter of the book: “Energy: Where the power comes from”. According to Iberdrola’s president, Mr. Sánchez Galán, who signs the book’s introduction, this book “is a useful and complete guide book for all lawyers and other professionals who have to face the complex power industry without the necessary technical studies to help them understand...
4 Jun 2014

Isaac Prada and José María Cancer receive their titles as registered professional engineers during the welcome ceremony of the 2014 graduates of ICAI engineering school

The president of the ICAI Engineering Association gave Isaac Prada and José María Cancer their diplomas, acknowledging their titles of Registered Professional Engineers granted by the Spanish Association of Professional Engineers (AIPE). Professional organizations have developed model IPr® Certification in order to validate the skills of individuals in terms of their knowledge, experience and attitude regarding to the professional development of the engineer. The IPr® Standard complies with the ISO 17.024 personal qualification standard, enabling international recognition via an agreed evaluation system. KeelWit Technology offers now, through the title received by both partners, representing an impartial and objective recognition of the capacity and professional evolution of the team in the engineering world, an added value in international project tenders. This qualification is a qualifying issue when insurance companies need to calculate the risk premium linked to a certain project. After the act, they both addressed a few words to the over 200 attendants, stressing the added value of the IPr® certification within the engineering...
7 Jul 2012

Appointments of José María Cancer & Isaac Prada y Nogueira

José María Cancer elected Treasurer of the Board of the ICAI Engineers Association José María Cancer, who had already been Member of the Board for several years (as well as Isaac Prada, other partner of KeelWit Technology), has now been promoted to this position as a result of his support and dedication to the Association and its members. On the other hand, Isaac Prada y Nogueira has been elected Board Member of the Young Entrepreneurs Association of Madrid in the Networking Area thanks to his experience and skills in this field....
21 Dec 2011

KeelWit Technology interview at Intereconomia tv program “Business Connection”

On December 20, Intereconomía TV filmed an interview with both co-founders of KeelWit Technology in its offices.   This TV channel, through its “Business Connection” program, decided to interview several successful entrepreneurs with startups born in the middle of a harsh economic situation. KeelWit Technology was chosen for its sound roots in R&D and as a proof of how new companies can be successful even amidst the worst of economic circumstances if the idea behind is good and working very hard. During the interview both founders explained their previous careers as well as the idea behind the company that forced them to build KeelWit. The journalist also emphasized how such a young company had already been awarded as “Young Entrepreneurs of the Year 2011” by the Young Entrepreneurs Association (AJE) and “Startup of the Year 2011” by ICAI Engineering Association. During the filming, Intereconomia’s team showed a big interest in the new family of e-bikes designed by KeelWit Technology for Yamimoto electric bike brand, and filmed a demonstration of the Airone model, due to its unique technological features such as blinkers, rear-view camera, battery and iPhone integration. More information about the interview in: Intereconomía news To see the whole TV interview: Complete interview ...
17 Oct 2011

Isaac Prada y Nogueira & José María Cancer Abóitiz awarded “Startup of the Year 2011”

The I.C.A.I Engineering Association has awarded both partners and founders of KeelWit Technology with the recently created award “Startup of the Year 2011”. This prize has been created to support and to enhance the entrepreneurship spirit as a way to create companies, employment and therefore wealth in society. The event took place as part of the award ceremony for the 17th edition of the Javier Benjumea prize, which this year has been granted to Mr. Francisco Martínez Córcoles, Head of IBERDROLA’s Liberalised Business. Relevant members of Spanish business sector as well as former winners of the award, such as Ignacio Sánchez Galán, Amparo Moraleda, Fernando Conte  or Luis Alberto Petit Herrera attended the event. Before the closing of the ceremony by the Chancellor of the Pontificia Comillas University, Mr. Carlos Espinosa de los Monteros gave a speech on “Entrepreneurs, companies and creation of wealth”. In several occasions during the speech both founders of KeelWit Technology were presented as an example of the spirit needed for creating successful companies. For more information visit: El Economista.es Universidad Pontificia de Comillas Linked-In...
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