18 Jan 2018

Experiences exchange with the aerodynamic team of the Microgravity University Institute “Ignacio Da Riva”

The Microgravity University Institute “Ignacio Da Riva” of the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid (IDR/UPM) is a center oriented towards investigation activities, development and training in the areas of aerospace science and technology. Inside their facilities there are various wind tunnels of different sizes and types which are used for aerodynamic tests. Firstly, KeelWit’s staff visited the IDR to admire the high degree of finish of their handcrafted wind tunnels for scientific use, as well as their level of sensorization. Later, IDR staff came to Madrid Fly to admire the capabilities and finish achieved by KeelWit Technology in their vertical wind tunnels for Indoor Skydiving, oriented to leisure and sport for public...
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