1 Mar 2017

KeelWit Technology’s 6th anniversary

KeelWit reaches its 6th anniversary facing the design and construction of new Indoor Skydiving Wind Tunnels for its participated company EYDISA Wind Tunnels, seminars and conferences on energy efficiency to lecture and new editions of the “Formula One Managers” Program. Amidst a global scenario of scarce load of work for engineering companies, KeelWit has succeeded to adapt itself to a changing market through a diversified portfolio of competences and areas of expertise, always linked to the energy efficiency, computer fluid dynamics, optimization algorithms and eco-friendly...
26 Jan 2017

KeelWit organizes January’s monthly meeting of Observatorio de la Industria 4.0

The Observatorio de la Industria 4.0 is a Think-Tank integrated by professionals from different relevant companies linked to the Industry 4.0. The aim of  this Think-Tank is to build a permanent background where companies involved in this industry development can debate, be trained, display and research new trends and technologies that help factories and logistics improve their performance through automatization and sensoring. Isaac Prada briefly lectured about KeelWit’s experience in sensoring production processes and later introducing optimization algorithms to obtain relevant improvements in their performance. The meeting was held at the auditorium in Madrid Fly, where managers attending the meeting could later have a closer look at the sensoring and SCADA developed by KeelWit to control fans’ speed, air flow and air temperature in the ducts to offer fun-flyers and pro-flyers the utmost free-flying...
27 Oct 2015

KeelWit Technology lectures in ANSYS Convergence 2015

KeelWit has been selected once more to lecture in the annual convention organized by ANSYS Iberia to display the “best practices” of the previous year in numerical simulation using its software package. For this occasion Isaac Prada explained the methodology of “Structured Multiattribute Optimization using a combination of algorithms and ACTs”. The methodology was explained on its use for vertical wind tunnels’ design. This methodology is the leitmotiv of Isaac’s PhD and its first real case application has been the design of the Indoor Skydiving Vertical Wind Tunnel of Madrid Fly, recently built in the outskirts of Madrid...
19 Dec 2014

KeelWit works in improving the lead time needed to manufacture a van in Mercedes Benz’s plant in Vitoria

KeelWit has made an analysis on the manufacturing process used in the painting module of Mercedes Benz’s plant in Vitoria where Viano and V-Class models are produced. The project focused on shortening the time cycle needed by the robots to apply the lacquer over part of the body...
15 Jun 2014

KeelWit Technology starts an energy efficiency improvement project in Lilly’s plant in Alcobendas, Madrid

Lilly is one of the 10 leading pharma companies in the world, a global corporation with a strong commitment with R&D. Lilly’s plant in Alcobendas is one of the main plants worldwide the company has. Lilly has an Environment Sustainability Department that leads the environmental management system of the company. Their effort is to reduce the impact on the environment of their activity and to allow a sustainable growth. This leads the company to set ambitious targets in water and electric power consumption reductions and to constantly reduce emissions. As a result of their commitment with energy saving, Lilly shall apply an energy efficiency project to reduce the energy consumption of the cooling system installed in the plant, and has asked KeelWit Technology to develop a project to do so. KeelWit shall apply Keemo ® methodology, introducing optimization algorithms to the activation and control of the system involved, significantly reducing the linked power consumption, without relevant...
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