1 Jan 2014

KeelWit celebrates its third anniversary by closing 2013 with an 83% increase in turnover

On March 1, KeelWit Technology celebrated its third anniversary as an engineering company. During this time, KeelWit has expanded its areas of business, performing projects in a wide range of areas, such as sustainable mobility, recycling of sports equipment, design of vertical wind tunnels for indoor sky diving, industrial process energy efficiency, CFD analysis, energy certification of buildings, remote controlled robot mobility, etc. Work has been supplemented by our own R&D in areas such as the introduction of product aerodynamic enhancement by testing in our own wind tunnel, road safety and information system security against cyber terrorist attacks. As a result, turnover in 2013 increased 83% in comparison to 2012 and 291% as opposed to 2011. In addition, EBITDA on turnover reached 32.3%, an increase of 244% with respect to 2012. Its sound financial and equity position, in addition to a positive net cash balance to meet financial commitments proves the Company’s economic viability, and that even in an unfavorable economic environment, there are opportunities for expansion in our country for engineers that develop state of the art...
21 Nov 2013

KeelWit analyzes energy consumption improvement possibilities at a municipal solid waste plant

KeelWit has commenced a study of the entire process of collection, waste handling, separation and final energy generation at Municipal Solid Waste Facility, given that the industry has a major component of thermal energy in its process. Recycling processes involve high temperatures and a complex heat recovery system, ash management and combustion control, due to the heterogeneous nature of municipal solid waste. Any process in which high temperatures are reached and large volumes of materials are involved is usually susceptible to energy consumption improvements, better use of residual heat, performance enhancements and a new set point definition of its KPIs. These improvements can be achieved by changes in production volumes (downwards or upwards) that, over the years, have displaced actual operating conditions from initial set points. All ovens, Heat Recovery System Generators, turbines, absorbers, filters, catalytic tanks and chimneys are a perfect environment for applying the KeelWit Energy Methodology of Optimization...
11 Apr 2013

KeelWit Technology, technological partner of ALTRAN INNOVATION

ALTRAN INNOVACIÓN is a part of the Altran Group, global leader in innovation and high-tech engineering. An international group with over 20,000 employees in 2013, Altran operates in twenty countries throughout Europe, Asia and the Americas. ALTRAN is active in every hi-tech sector, allowing itself to offer global solutions to its customers. The agreement signed by both companies presents  KeelWit as ALTRAN’s Technological Partner,  reinforcing ALTRAN’s competence in energy efficiency technologies. Both companies shall jointly apply KEEMO (KeelWit Energy Efficiency Method of Optimization) in ALTRAN’s customers. The proven trust of ALTRAN in the robustness of this methodology, developed by KeelWit for industrial processes modeling and energy consumption optimization, means a strong backup for the work deployed during 2 years for its...
25 Jan 2013

KeelWit starts a project on a CHP PLANT

KeelWit is working on the improvement of the energy efficiency of a combined heat and power plant, selecting the areas where a heat transfer with colder flows is feasible and designing the necessary heat exchanger system required, as well as improving the aerodynamics of certain pipelines where the pressure drop can be reduced....
10 Jan 2013

Energy efficiency project for a chemical plant

KeelWit has started a new project for the improvement of energy efficiency in the production process of a chemical plant, world leader in its industry. The study seeks the thermal flow optimization of several lines within the process, allowing the improvement of the energy efficiency of the whole process and reducing the energy required per ton produced. Some of the tasks included are finding the hottest flows in the process that can interchange their heat with colder flows, minimizing the energy required to heat the latter through Heat Recovery Systems....
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