15 Mar 2013

KeelWit finished the first phase of a project in sport equipment recycling

World Sport Recycling designs, develops and sets up procedures for improved recycling of the equipment used in different sports. Its mission is to create environmentally friendly practices among all actors in sports world: clubs, training centers, sports brands, sport equipment manufacturers and retailers. WSR hired KeelWit Technology to design a method to extend the use of tennis or padel balls through a recycling process, once they have lost the necessary internal pressure. WSR, through its brand Balooia, shall start the production of repressuring devices that shall recover the rebouncing properties needed for correct playing conditions once the balls have lost their brand-new properties. KeelWit has performed different tests with bespoke devices created for this project, searching for the most sensitive parameters to play with, in order to achieve such goal. The final result of the project has been the design and manufacturing of several prototypes that can later go into serial...
28 Jun 2011

Studying Padel Racquets performance for vision brand

One of the phases of the study consists in translating into technical terms feelings and sensations of professional players. Vision gathered in El Estudiante Club Juan Martín Díaz & Sanyo Gutiérrez with two of Keelwit’s engineers   Vision has hired Keelwit to develop a study on how to measure in a scientific way some performance indicators like “Control” or “Power” as well as global performance of the models. This task was started several months ago by Keelwit with some optic fiber deformation measurements on all the 2011 model range of the brand. This is the same method used for endurance tests on windmill blades. A second partof this analysis went on last June 20 when José María Cancer and Isaac Prada y Nogueira, managers of Keelwit Technology, interviewed and played with Juan Martín Díaz (1st player in world’s padel ranking) and Sanyo Gutiérrez (ranked 14th) . The target of this long session was discussion on both professional players’ impressions on the racquet model range, faced with both engineers’ technical data. During the session several models were tested (2 different versions of King JM with E.V.A. and NANO SOFT, Xiam, Avalanche 4, Bomber, Twister, Sniper, Twister, Cayman, etc.). Vision has always invested in permanently improving racquets performance through deeper knowledge of materials and production techniques, and now asked Keelwit to make this important study that should bring new design directions for future models. For further information contact through vision@vision.es or visit...
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