16 Feb 2015

KeelWit visits Mclaren Formula 1, Ford’s R&D centre and Sussex and Southampton universities

As part of the advanced training received, concerning Servotest’s test benches, two engineers from KeelWit visited during a busy week in England some of Servotest’s customers and prospects. Visits included McLaren Automotive and McLaren Formula 1, as well as Ford’s R&D Centre for Europe, Procter & Gamble’s R&D Centre and both Sussex and Southampton universities. In every facility, existing benches were revised and discussions were held on current needs that could be fulfilled with further development of the existing modules or through new devices to be...
13 Nov 2014

Personal training course on ansys fluent use for KeelWit Technology

Special training course for KeelWit Technology engineers at its HQ in Madrid. The advanced training course was tailor-made for KeelWit Technology, as part of the Company’s on-going enhancement plan, aimed at furthering knowledge in Computer Fluid Dynamics, using the most powerful software available. The contents selected will allow KeelWit’s engineers to face especially complex cases in CFD simulations such as: – Fluid mixing in partially full pipes – Erosion and sudden pressure variations due to partial or total blocking of fluid pipes caused by fouling detachment from pipe inner surface – Phase change: solid-liquid or liquid-gas. – Hydraulic obstacles in water channel – Supercritical fluid behaviour and performance in conduits and equipment – Water or fluid hammer (simulation of quick transient phenomena of great pressure variations) – Deforming and moving meshes and mesh generation/erasing – Burners for pirotubular boilers Currently, there are only 150 companies in Spain that have purchased an official software license for this powerful and complex tool. It proves that KeelWit is a cutting-edge engineering company, fully equipped and experienced in fluid dynamic calculations that can be later empirically tested in the Company’s own air wind tunnel. The knowledge of these complex cases will be applied to projects developed for customers in their industrial processes as well as in certain R&D projects currently being carried out with the wind tunnel at KeelWit’s facilities....
24 Oct 2014

KeelWit Technology attends the Franco-Spanish Congress about R&D in the water domain

The Science and Technology Spanish Foundation (FECYT), together with the French Embassy in Madrid, has organized the “Franco-Spanish Congress about R&D in the water domain”, event which allowed attendees to known first hand and discuss the main research news in the water field, as well as the different financing opportunities and the distinct European initiatives in such field, highlighting the 2020 Horizon and the Acqueau cluster. The great participation of different governmental institutions, private companies and universities has made this event a success, putting in contact many Spanish and French companies among them. During the congress, José María Cancer, partner of KeelWit Technology explained its previous experience implementing energy efficiency improvements for cooling towers, heat exchangers, condensers, ejectors and heat recovery systems inter alia, in order to find foreign partners to carry out international research projects. As a result KeelWit Technology is now a member of both R&D Platforms as an engineering company offering its know-how for R&D projects in this domain: http://www.acqueau.eu/wp-content/uploads/2014/11/ACQUEAU_Find-a-partner-template-offering-expertise-KEELWIT-TECHNOLOGY.pdf To read more about the contents of the congress, visit: http://eshorizonte2020.es/actualidad/noticias/disponibles-las-presentaciones-de-la-jornada-seminario-franco-espanol-sobre-i-d-en-el-dominio-del-agua http://www.ambafrance-es.org/El-24-de-octubre-2014-Seminario...
7 May 2014

José María Cancer gives a talk in the conference room of the Spanish Institute for Intellectual Property Protection (OEPM) about ip protection as a strategic driver in innovative technology based companies (EIBTS)

OEPM invited KeelWit Technology to take part in their conference program “Meetings with the other part”. These lectures search a better understanding for the patent examiners within the organization, of the real difficulties that EIBTs face in their daily work. KeelWit Technology invested 38,2% of its annual turnover last year in R&D obtaining 1 PCT, 3 Registers of Community Designs and has currently several patents on the way. These figures made KeelWit eligible for its participation in the program, as a leading company among small SMEs making notorious efforts to launch innovative ideas and technologies in different sectors. The conference was followed by a long Q&A session from the audience, where over 40 examiners wanted to know more about KeelWit’s strategy, and how it selected a certain number of ideas, to promote them and take them to a business case stage, and the difficulties found to do so. A special focus was made on the scarce support found to do so, despite the existing institutional tools and organizations supposedly devoted to help SMEs, including the OEPM. For further information, see:...
1 Jan 2014

KeelWit celebrates its third anniversary by closing 2013 with an 83% increase in turnover

On March 1, KeelWit Technology celebrated its third anniversary as an engineering company. During this time, KeelWit has expanded its areas of business, performing projects in a wide range of areas, such as sustainable mobility, recycling of sports equipment, design of vertical wind tunnels for indoor sky diving, industrial process energy efficiency, CFD analysis, energy certification of buildings, remote controlled robot mobility, etc. Work has been supplemented by our own R&D in areas such as the introduction of product aerodynamic enhancement by testing in our own wind tunnel, road safety and information system security against cyber terrorist attacks. As a result, turnover in 2013 increased 83% in comparison to 2012 and 291% as opposed to 2011. In addition, EBITDA on turnover reached 32.3%, an increase of 244% with respect to 2012. Its sound financial and equity position, in addition to a positive net cash balance to meet financial commitments proves the Company’s economic viability, and that even in an unfavorable economic environment, there are opportunities for expansion in our country for engineers that develop state of the art...
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