2 Nov 2015

José María Cancer in Capital Radio talking about “Seniors, training and expatriation”

“Foro de Recursos Humanos” is the radio program about Human Resources broadcasted by Capital Radio where Francisco García Cabello asks experts on each subject to be discussed to share their point of view about it. Andrés Fontenla, General Manager of Fontevalue and expert on Executive Search, and José María Cancer talked about “seniority as a must” for start-ups- José María explained how KeelWit Technology combines seniority and youth to obtain passion, innovation, determination and temperance as key values for an innovative technology based SME born in the middle of an economic crisis. Click here to learn more on the program and to download the...
1 Sep 2015

Innovative SME

KeelWit Technology has been included by the Ministry of Economy in the list of Innovative SMEs in Spain. Some of the main aspects judged by the Innovation and Competitiveness Committee to choose KeelWit were the correct performance of the R&D project having received a public loan, as well as the innovative activities developed, including patents and models of...
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