2 Oct 2015

The SPTO (OEPM) finally grants KeelWit Technology with the Utility Model protection for a 10 year period for its self-propelled trash trolley

SPTO is the public body responsible for the registration and granting of the different types of Industrial Property in Spain. Through this protection, the device protected by this Utility Model is proven to be characterized by its “utility” and “practicality”. Using the know-how obtained in the design and development of electric bicycles and tricycles, KeelWit has used this same technology to develop and patent this motorized version for the long time existing design of man propelled trash trolleys. This new version introduces the following advantages compared to the current model: Helps street cleaner to move uphill Helps street cleaner when transporting heavy loads of leaves, trash, etc. in the trolley Allows people without a robust build to perform this job effortlessly Improves productivity of the public service provided The electric motoring can be both installed in existing trolleys as well as new builds. Intellectual property protection is granted for 10 years....
17 Apr 2015

KeelWit requests intellectual property rights over its design of an electro propelled trash trolley for street maintenance

KeelWit has upgraded, through an electric motor, the traditional design of the trash trolley in order to allow it to climb steep ramps, especially when carrying heavy load. The chariot design had been kept almost frozen during decades, making its use a heavy duty especially for weak people when trying to climb steep ramps while carrying heavy loads as those collected during trimming season and autumn or after public events taking place in the streets. This design helps universal access to its use and job position, and reduces the physical effort required to perform its duty, which are both targets of the Corporate Social Responsibility of the companies in trash collecting. The system designed by KeelWit allows the chariot to climb ramps over 14% slope carrying 70 kg load within a 30 km range. It can be adapted on existing chariots as well as it can be integrated in the new unit production process...
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