Research and energy development

We are experts in

  • Energy Efficiency Audits over industries and processes
  • Energy efficiency improvements in industrial processes
  •  Advanced algorithms of optimization applied for improved energy management (thermal, electrical, hydraulic, pneumatic, kinetic, and mechanical)
  •  Designing energy harvesting and waste energy recovery systems reducing operating costs
  •  Energy Efficiency Certificates of buildings
  • Due Diligence of whole building state of preservation including structure, equipment and installation
  • Complex Computer Fluid Dynamics’ simulations to reduce drag, back-flow, vortex-shedding, vibrations or pressure drop and to enhance heat exchange
  • We design aerodynamic-testing wind tunnels and skydiving vertical wind tunnels with improved energy efficiency and velocity index
  • Aerodynamic improvement of shapes through CFD and wind tunnel tests in our facilities.
  • Designing and building of electric bicycles and tricycles as well as bespoke motor solutions for moving bodies
  • Sales agents for Spain and Portugal of Servotest Systems (test and motion simulation through hydraulic actuators and seismic tables).
  • Own R&D projects with several patents and registered models.
  • E-learning through a partnership with Structuralia, and in-house residential training on energy efficiency, energy management, energy-harvesting, etc.

Breaking News

KeelWit article in the scientific magazine DYNA on CFD optimization of boilers for combined cycles

17 Oct 2017
KeelWit has published an article titled Boiler inlet duct shape design optimization for combined cycle power plants. Founded in 1926, DYNA is one of the most influential and prestigious engineering journals in the world, as recognized by Thomson-Reuters in the annual edition of its JCR report and undoubtedly a reference of scientific publications in Spanish. The contribution of this paper is twofold: on the one hand, it shows that there is substantial room for improvement in the shape design of the inlet ducts of Heat Recovery Steam Generators (HRSGs), in terms of achieving a lower pressure drop, a higher velocity uniformity and an important cost reduction of the unit; on the other hand, it shows how the application of the Multi Objective Structured Hybrid Direct Search (MOST-HDS) algorithm, can find improved designs. This algorithm is applicable in many fields for aerodynamic shape optimization involving big displacements, which can be quite unconventional and non-intuitive. The MOST-HDS algorithm combines genetic, gradient and swarm search intelligence in every iteration. The results obtained for the two HRSG families presented show that there are optimum trade-off design points with simultaneous reductions in pressure drop of up to 20- 25%, in lateral surface of up to 38% and in boiler inlet length of up to 16%, while having comparable velocity uniformities to the existing designs. Link to open access article:...

KeelWit again selected as business showcase by ANSYS for its Advantage magazine

15 Sep 2017
KeelWit’s methodology of optimization using optimization algorithms combined with ANSYS’ CFD module and solver has been selected to be included in the worldwide magazine version that ANSYS delivers to all customers showing the best uses of their software package. The article yields a summary of the methodology used in optimizing the shape of the inlet ducts of the heaters of power plants, achieving improvements of targets chosen by 24%. The methodology and proprietary algorithms are part of Isaac Prada’s PhD for which he obtained a “Cum Laude” qualification. ANSYS has decided to show these results as they show a wide range of different applications where this engineering procedure can be applied. This same methodology has also been applied to the improvement of wind tunnels’ shapes, where results obtained have given a pressure drop reduction of up to 60%.  Click on the following link to read the full article: picking-up-steam-aa-V11-I2 ANSYS...

CFD project for a leading company in water rides design and construction

4 Sep 2017
KeelWit has applied its proprietary Multi Objective Structured Hybrid Direct Search (MOST-HDS) algorithms combined with Computer Fluid Dynamics to a project performed for a worldwide leading company in the water fun-park market. The know-how of KeelWit’s engineering team has obtained an energy consumption reduction of over 50% in one of the most successful water slide attractions of the company by means of applying algorithms of optimization to improve shapes of certain...

Isaac Prada lecturer at the Spanish Engineering Institute with the speech “The enterprising engineer. From Formula 1 to the new technologies”.

2 Jun 2017
Last 1st of July Isaac Prada participated in a round table at the Spanish Engineering Institute, wherein he exposed the reasons which drove him to leave his career in sectors with a strong technological component such as Formula 1 to create his own engineering company. Throughout his presentation, he made a reflection about the different types of innovation, the role of engineering companies and the synergies in collaborations between small and big companies, bringing together the agility and adaptability of the former with the resources of the latter. He also exposed how the methodologies of team management used in Formula 1 are applicable in all types of companies and sectors, as KeelWit teaches in its training program “Formula One Managers”. Rodrigo del Prado (co-founder of BQ, the Spanish manufacturer of mobile phones), with his speech “Technology that helps to change the world”, and Javier Díez Tejeiro, co-founder of General de Polímeros SL (GENEPOL), with his speech “The plastic: from waste to raw material”, also participated in the round table....
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