1 Apr 2018


KeelWit has designed and is currently manufacturing a tailored wind tunnel for the new facilities of the Motor and Sport Institute. This wind tunnel for aerodynamic testing will allow to analyze the aerodynamic performance of scale vehicles and compare it with the results obtained by Computational Fluid Dynamics using the most advanced software. Wind tunnel sensors and measuring equipment will provide a practical knowledge about aerodynamics for the MSI’s students that is not achievable in other centers where there this type of equipment is not available. Furthermore, Teo Martín Motorsport team will use the wind tunnel up to 200 km/h to test the aerodynamics settings of its vehicles with which the team races successfully on different categories. Other motorsport teams would use the MSI facilities to fine-tune their cars, due to the small number of available wind tunnels for testing with these...
30 Nov 2017

Seminar on vibration tests held at INSIA

KeelWit attended the seminar on “Environmental Tests in Electric and Hybrid Vehicles. State of the Art & future trends” held at INSIA – the University Institute of Automobile Research. During the seminar, experts in the field discussed about the present and immediate future of: Tests on Cells, Modules and Li-Ion Batteries: EUCAR Recommendations Vibration tests: Sine, Shock, Random, Sine on Random, etc. ATEX Tests: Precautions when using of potentially flammable liquids. Simulation tests of batteries or charging systems / components / battery recharge, power electronics. KeelWit took the opportunity to exchange know-how with other professionals in the industry, being the agent of Servotest Systems for Spain and Portugal, and their vibration test...
14 Nov 2017

Turnkey project of a 7-axis test rig from Servotest Systems for the calibration of racing cars’ suspension

KeelWit Technology, as the only official agent for Spain and Portugal of Servotest Systems, the leading manufacturer of test benches with electrohydraulic actuators, has obtained an order to design and build a test bench with 7 actuators for the regulation of racing car suspensions. The actuators perform the simulation of the vibration transmitted onto the wheels by the ground as well as the aerodynamic load on the vehicle. The use of this bench allows to improve the performance of the race cars, finding the most suitable suspension settings for each circuit and for each vehicle tested. Image courtesy of Servotest...
10 Nov 2017

Commissioning a wind tunnel for aerodynamic testing

In order to equip itself with the most modern technology and to become a reference center among educational institutions in the area of racing cars’ engineering, a new center that will open its doors in 2018 has hired KeelWit to design and manufacture its wind tunnel for aerodynamic testing. Once the specifications list of the device has been agreed, KeelWit is applying its MOST-HDS algorithm to optimize its design while respecting the available footprint in the room where it will be installed, as well as the speed indexes that are required for accurate...
3 Oct 2016

“Towards tomorrow’s Automotive. The path to a real sustainability”, new article published by Isaac Prada in the Journal of the ICAI Engineering Association

In this article, Isaac talks about the role that Automotive might play in the world’s efforts for a more sustainable future, what’s behind the current trend towards sustainability in this industry and how vehicles shall be used in the future.  The article explains the increasing role of Automotive in the energy consumption mix in Europe and even more in the transport industry. It describes the new technologies, those ready to use or still being developed (electric & hybrid vehicles, regenerative breaking, hydraulic cars, etc.). It also unveils, as still less popular, new car uses in the future, focusing in autonomous cars studied from every aspect (technical, legal, etc.). You can read (in Spanish) the whole article in:...
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