1 Apr 2018


KeelWit Technology is the exclusive authorized distributor in Spain and Portugal of Servotest Systems, the leading company on the design and construction of electrohydraulic test benches by vibration on vehicles and equipment. With more than 50 years of experience in England, Servotest has manufactured test benches for some of the most prestigious Formula 1 teams and for other motorsport teams. Motor & Sport Institute has purchased a 7 poster test bench that allows to simulate any uneven ground over the 4 wheels of a vehicle as well as the aerodynamic downforce in both axles. This equipment will allow MSI to offer a practical experience for its students with a test bench affordable only for very few universities. Additionally, Teo Martin Motorsport team will use the test bench to fine-tune the suspension system of its vehicles, successful winners in different categories in Europe and abroad. KeelWit and Servotest engineers will work with MSI engineers to make the best use of this sophisticated and exclusive test bench for both...
30 Nov 2017

Seminar on vibration tests held at INSIA

KeelWit attended the seminar on “Environmental Tests in Electric and Hybrid Vehicles. State of the Art & future trends” held at INSIA – the University Institute of Automobile Research. During the seminar, experts in the field discussed about the present and immediate future of: Tests on Cells, Modules and Li-Ion Batteries: EUCAR Recommendations Vibration tests: Sine, Shock, Random, Sine on Random, etc. ATEX Tests: Precautions when using of potentially flammable liquids. Simulation tests of batteries or charging systems / components / battery recharge, power electronics. KeelWit took the opportunity to exchange know-how with other professionals in the industry, being the agent of Servotest Systems for Spain and Portugal, and their vibration test...
14 Nov 2017

Turnkey project of a 7-axis test rig from Servotest Systems for the calibration of racing cars’ suspension

KeelWit Technology, as the only official agent for Spain and Portugal of Servotest Systems, the leading manufacturer of test benches with electrohydraulic actuators, has obtained an order to design and build a test bench with 7 actuators for the regulation of racing car suspensions. The actuators perform the simulation of the vibration transmitted onto the wheels by the ground as well as the aerodynamic load on the vehicle. The use of this bench allows to improve the performance of the race cars, finding the most suitable suspension settings for each circuit and for each vehicle tested. Image courtesy of Servotest...
16 Feb 2015

Sales agents for Servotest Systems (Test & Motion simulation)

Servotest Systems, world leader in manufacturing test & motion simulation benches through servohydraulic devices has chosen KeelWit Technology as its new sales agent in Spain & Portugal. Servotest focuses on developing tailor-made test benches that meet the specific requirements of its customers, minimizing the investment needed and taking special care with all the safety rules such as EN13849, the Machinery Directive or the European Pressure Protection. This matches KeelWit’s vision on how to plan our projects. Servotest, started in 1958, has gained international recognition as a world leader in servohydraulic test and motion simulation. The Company offers advanced, sometimes highly customized, servohydraulic systems, backed by an innovative design. Innovation is a key role in a company with an engineering team adding more than 300 years of expertise in the design and installation of highly customized systems. This new business widens KeelWit’s scope and reinforces the engineering offer it can present to its customers who are already Servotest customers or might become one. The contract signature took place in Servotest’s facilities in Egham (UK). Learn more about...
16 Feb 2015

KeelWit visits Mclaren Formula 1, Ford’s R&D centre and Sussex and Southampton universities

As part of the advanced training received, concerning Servotest’s test benches, two engineers from KeelWit visited during a busy week in England some of Servotest’s customers and prospects. Visits included McLaren Automotive and McLaren Formula 1, as well as Ford’s R&D Centre for Europe, Procter & Gamble’s R&D Centre and both Sussex and Southampton universities. In every facility, existing benches were revised and discussions were held on current needs that could be fulfilled with further development of the existing modules or through new devices to be...
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