12 Feb 2017

101,409 trees, 3.900 t CO2, 278.000 m2, 109 facilities, 9 months

A total of 101,409 trees would be needed to capture the yearly 3,900 tons of CO2 emissions that KeelWit has helped its clients to reduce through the energy audits performed during 9 months of 2016. Big companies in Spain have gone through a compulsory energy audit in 2016 aiming to improve their knowledge and control of the energy consumption they have. KeelWit Technology has audited 278,000 m2 in 109 facilities (office buildings and factories) all around Spain, setting Key Energy Efficiency Performance Indexes and actions plans to improve them before the following audit to take place in 4 years’ time. Final reports included the investment needed in every case and the expected Return of Investment, becoming a powerful tool to establish the energy consumption policy for the following...
20 Oct 2016

Energy audits in Hyundai Spain and in Northgate

Thanks to the prior experience both partners had in the Automotive sector, KeelWit has succesfully performed energy audits in the HQ of the Korean car manufacturer in Spain and in 11 facilities of the rental car company in Spain. With different types of buildings and a different energy source mix, in both cases interesting energy savings have been found, whilst complying with the Spanish legislation that makes energy audits compulsory for all big companies in Spain.     ...
21 Jul 2016


KeelWit Technology has been performing energy audits in factories and buildings since 2012.  Since the RD 56/2016 was published, forcing big companies to perform an energy audit before November 2016, this activity has been enhanced. In the last months we have been working on the audits of: Over 80 offices and care centers of Mutua Universal spread all over Spain Zitrón’s fan and mining equipment factory in Asturias Flowserve’s hydraulic pump factory in Coslada URSA’s glass wool factory in Tarragona. The final audit reports shall be registered following the RD 56/2016 requirements but shall also become the guidelines for an emission and energy consumption reduction in these companies during the following 4 years.  ...
26 Feb 2016

KeelWit signs an Agreement with AUDELCO

AUDELCO is a Spanish company specialized in the Audit and Certification of Management Systems with a long tradition in Spain, having been the first in this country to obtain the necessary authorizations to develop nationwide the occupational risk prevention activity in 1998. Searching a way to broaden the offer of services for their client database, AUDELCO has recently signed an agreement with KeelWit to include the mandatory Energy Efficiency Audits following the Royal Legislative Decree RD 56/2016 in the range of services to provide. This Agreement offers important synergies arising from the opportunity for AUDELCO to offer this new added-value service to their clients, as well as allowing KeelWit to offer their four-year expertise in Energy Audits and Energy cost-reduction projects to companies who are out of the scope of their usual client...
17 Feb 2016

3,900 big companies in Spain forced to perform an Energy Audit in less than 9 months time

On February 13th, a new law has entered into force in Spain, pushing all big companies in its territory (those overpassing the SME size limitations) to perform an energy audit in less than 9 months time. This measure affects over 3,900 big companies in Spain with more than 27,000 sites in our contry. SMEs can still do it free and voluntarily. This law is the transposition to local Spanish legislation of the  2012/27/UE Directive, already into force in other countries in Europe since 2012.   KeelWit Technology is performing energy audits according to the compulsory UNE-EN 16247 regulation since 2012, helping industries reduce their energy consumption.  The law allows to use partial energy audits (for instance of only part of the processes in a factory) performed since 2012, to enrich them until they cover the 85% of the total energy consumption of the company....
16 Sep 2015

Isaac Prada’s video gets more than 700,000 visits in less than a month.

The video with the interview of Isaac Prada, co-founder of KeelWit, was created by Banco Santander (main sponsor of Formula 1 championship, and belongs to a series of videos intended to show how Formula 1 R&D is later applied to daily life devices and uses to improve our standard of living. Isaac explains how he developed in 2005 the Kinetic Energy Recovery System (KERS) used in Formula 1 race cars, which is currently being used in Zaragoza’s tramway among other uses. The video received more than 700,000 visits in less than a month all together with the Spanish, English, German and Portuguese versions. Isaac Prada won in 2005 the ALTRAN Engineering Academy worldwide contest for this design and later worked during 2 years as R&D engineer in Renault Formula 1 Team. During this period Fernando Alonso won his two world titles. The video has also been broadcasted right before Italy’s Grand Prix this...
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