16 Sep 2015

Isaac Prada’s video gets more than 700,000 visits in less than a month.

The video with the interview of Isaac Prada, co-founder of KeelWit, was created by Banco Santander (main sponsor of Formula 1 championship, and belongs to a series of videos intended to show how Formula 1 R&D is later applied to daily life devices and uses to improve our standard of living. Isaac explains how he developed in 2005 the Kinetic Energy Recovery System (KERS) used in Formula 1 race cars, which is currently being used in Zaragoza’s tramway among other uses. The video received more than 700,000 visits in less than a month all together with the Spanish, English, German and Portuguese versions. Isaac Prada won in 2005 the ALTRAN Engineering Academy worldwide contest for this design and later worked during 2 years as R&D engineer in Renault Formula 1 Team. During this period Fernando Alonso won his two world titles. The video has also been broadcasted right before Italy’s Grand Prix this...
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