17 Feb 2016

3,900 big companies in Spain forced to perform an Energy Audit in less than 9 months time

On February 13th, a new law has entered into force in Spain, pushing all big companies in its territory (those overpassing the SME size limitations) to perform an energy audit in less than 9 months time. This measure affects over 3,900 big companies in Spain with more than 27,000 sites in our contry. SMEs can still do it free and voluntarily. This law is the transposition to local Spanish legislation of the  2012/27/UE Directive, already into force in other countries in Europe since 2012.   KeelWit Technology is performing energy audits according to the compulsory UNE-EN 16247 regulation since 2012, helping industries reduce their energy consumption.  The law allows to use partial energy audits (for instance of only part of the processes in a factory) performed since 2012, to enrich them until they cover the 85% of the total energy consumption of the company....
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