1 Mar 2015

KeelWit blows its 4th anniversary candle

KeelWit Technology has succeeded in growing during 4 years since its birth, amidst a scenario where engineering companies have lost around 20.000 jobs and almost 40% of them have been forced to close down. Business diversification, a permanent search of new projects and initiatives, customer’s loyalty and the effort and commitment of our whole staff have allowed us to keep growing during these 4 years. We would like to thank all those who have helped KeelWit become a reference in some of our business activities and an icon of a small business who faces complex technological challenges in every...
28 Feb 2015

KeelWit Technology works with Amec Foster Wheeler in CFD analyses over combined cycle plants

KeelWit Technology has started working for Amec Foster Wheeler, as it previously did for Foster Wheeler Energía, in the modelling and redesign of heaters through CFD analyses in order to improve their performance. This cooperation has allowed KeelWit to apply its know-how in the performance improvement of some of the biggest power plants of its type in the world. Amec Foster Wheeler PLC is the resulting company of the 5,000 M£ worth merger between Amec PLC and Foster Wheeler AG, becoming a new force in global engineering, project delivery, asset support, power equipment and consultancy. The new company has a highly skilled workforce of over 40,000 in more than 50 countries working on the design, deliver and maintenance of strategic and complex infrastructure assets across a range of markets. Amec Foster Wheeler PLC has a strong presence across the onshore and offshore oil and gas value chain, being also a major player in the mining, clean energy, power generation, environment and infrastructure markets, as well as a leading designer, fabricator and supplier of advanced boiler systems for the power generation and industrial markets, where KeelWit provides its know-how.    ...
27 Feb 2015

Isaac Prada with spanish minister, De Guindos, and the vice president of The European Commission (ec) and European commissioner for jobs, growth, investment and competitiveness Iyrki Katainen

Isaac Prada was selected to represent ICAI’s engineering school in the meeting both mandataries had with university students and teachers during the visits scheduled for Mr. Katainen in our country. The meeting was organized to enhance open conversations between both speakers and the students, coming from different universities in Madrid. Discussions were focused in our country’s needs of investment and structural changes to make the best possible use of the “Juncker Plan” for economic recovery in...
24 Feb 2015

Isaac Prada speaker in the “company connected cars” forum held within the “Expansión-Evectia meetings” series of conferences

Isaac Prada has been invited to represent Comillas University in the “Encuentros Expansión-Evectia” Forum held in Unión Editorial’s headquarters. Sergio Piccione, vice-president of El Mundo daily magazine acted as moderator of the discussion held by the five speakers who talked about the communication between vehicle – infrastructures – users – other vehicles showing different approaches to this booming sector. The common point of view of all participants was the great potential underlying the deployment of on-board telematics and communication capabilities, as nowadays only 25% of the companies are using this available technology in their company fleets. All participants shared the conviction of the great potential benefits it might involve for the companies applying it properly. To know more about the forum,...
16 Feb 2015

Sales agents for Servotest Systems (Test & Motion simulation)

Servotest Systems, world leader in manufacturing test & motion simulation benches through servohydraulic devices has chosen KeelWit Technology as its new sales agent in Spain & Portugal. Servotest focuses on developing tailor-made test benches that meet the specific requirements of its customers, minimizing the investment needed and taking special care with all the safety rules such as EN13849, the Machinery Directive or the European Pressure Protection. This matches KeelWit’s vision on how to plan our projects. Servotest, started in 1958, has gained international recognition as a world leader in servohydraulic test and motion simulation. The Company offers advanced, sometimes highly customized, servohydraulic systems, backed by an innovative design. Innovation is a key role in a company with an engineering team adding more than 300 years of expertise in the design and installation of highly customized systems. This new business widens KeelWit’s scope and reinforces the engineering offer it can present to its customers who are already Servotest customers or might become one. The contract signature took place in Servotest’s facilities in Egham (UK). Learn more about...
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