27 Apr 2015

Agreement signed with Structuralia

KeelWit has signed an agreement with Structuralia to develop and teach some courses on energy efficiency and energy audits. Structuralia has the memorable track record of being during 13 years the leading company in technical training in Infrastructures, Energy and Engineering, with trainings focused on professional development and competence enrichment. As a result of these years, over 80.000 professionals have been trained, with more than 25% of the Spanish engineers trained currently working in projects abroad, and over 20% of the alumni being foreign students. Structuralia has a broad international presence mainly in South America, as it is part of Kaplan, a leading global provider of educational service, managing 70 universities, with more than 400 offices worldwide and over 1.000.000 students per year being trained by a staff surpassing 21.000 committed professionals. We are proud to be chosen by Structuralia to be the teachers and mentors for this training, as it is a recognition of KeelWit’s competence and know-how in energy efficiency and energy audits in the industrial sector. To learn more about Structuralia, visit: http://www.structuralia.com/es/ To learn more about Kaplan, visit: http://www.kaplan.com/about-kaplan/company-overview/ To learn more about the course we developed, visit:...
17 Apr 2015

KeelWit requests intellectual property rights over its design of an electro propelled trash trolley for street maintenance

KeelWit has upgraded, through an electric motor, the traditional design of the trash trolley in order to allow it to climb steep ramps, especially when carrying heavy load. The chariot design had been kept almost frozen during decades, making its use a heavy duty especially for weak people when trying to climb steep ramps while carrying heavy loads as those collected during trimming season and autumn or after public events taking place in the streets. This design helps universal access to its use and job position, and reduces the physical effort required to perform its duty, which are both targets of the Corporate Social Responsibility of the companies in trash collecting. The system designed by KeelWit allows the chariot to climb ramps over 14% slope carrying 70 kg load within a 30 km range. It can be adapted on existing chariots as well as it can be integrated in the new unit production process...
10 Apr 2015

Fans designed for Madrid Fly’s vertical wind tunnel succesfully tested

On April 10th, the first of the 4 fans for skydiving purposes jointly designed by KeelWit and Zitron was tested in the biggest test bench for axial fans in the world. With a size over 4m diameter and a weight exceeding 10 tons each, they shall deliver the needed power to propel skydivers at a speed of 300 km/h. Energy efficiency, acceleration speed and airflow quality have been some of the development guidelines followed by both engineering teams. These fans shall be installed in a very short time in Madrid Fly’s wind tunnel, where the construction of the building that shall host all the technical equipment and devices designed by KeelWit Technology, has just...
26 Mar 2015

José María Cancer presents the prize of “best end of studies project of engineering devoted to social development“

José María Cancer, in his role of Secretary of the Board of the Fundación de Ingenieros de ICAI para el Desarrollo, presented the prize category of “Best Engineering Project devoted to Social Development”, among the final thesis developed by ICAI engineering school’s last year pupils of the 2013-2014 academic year. This NGO has been working since 2007 in the application of engineering skills on projects focused in improving life conditions of the most disadvantaged sections of society both in the Third World countries and in Spain. This organization among other activities has been providing projects during several years to last year students of this leading engineering school. All of them are focused in the application of engineering knowledge and skills into the improvement of living conditions of disadvantaged populations. Its work is developed through cooperation with other NGOs like ONGAWA, Fundación ACCIONA Microenergía and Fundación Energía sin Fronteras, as well as the Cátedra BP de Energía y Sostenibilidad. This year’s prize has been awarded to the project titled “Monitoring system for the operation of household PV systems” developed by David Chanquet, acting as joint thesis directors Julio Eisman (Fundación Acciona Microenergía’s Director) and Fernando de Cuadra (ICAI’s professor). This Project has been selected for its usefulness, managing the solar panels installed within the “Luz en Casa” program, in Cajamarca (Peru), that are allowing 3900 families to have power in their households. The other prizes were presented by top managers of the rest of the sponsor companies: Alberto García Cabrero, (Abengoa); Pedro Luis Sánchez, (Accenture); Román Escudero Gallego, ( Asociación Nacional de Ingenieros del ICAI); Enrique González García, (BP España); Enrique Sainz Nadales, (Deloitte); Francisco Javier Goicoechea...
3 Mar 2015

KeelWit works on the electrification programme of the danish railway network

Banedanmark, the Denmark Railway Net Company, has launched a large-scale project for the electrification of a large part of the Danish state railway network in the years to come. The Electrification Programme will create the framework for a more modern railway system with cheaper and more flexible, stable and efficient operation, both for passengers and cargo transportation. Furthermore, the expansion of the operation of electrical trains will reduce pollution and contribute to a cleaner environment. Banedanmark has chosen a Spanish engineering and infrastructure operator joint venture headed by Elecnor, Semi and Abengoa to carry out the Electrification Programme. At the same time, Keelwit has been subcontracted to analyze the corrosion phenomenon on a train catenary structure under severe climate conditions over time, as well as propose different coatings that could minimize/avoid such problem....
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