10 Nov 2017

Commissioning a wind tunnel for aerodynamic testing

In order to equip itself with the most modern technology and to become a reference center among educational institutions in the area of racing cars’ engineering, a new center that will open its doors in 2018 has hired KeelWit to design and manufacture its wind tunnel for aerodynamic testing. Once the specifications list of the device has been agreed, KeelWit is applying its MOST-HDS algorithm to optimize its design while respecting the available footprint in the room where it will be installed, as well as the speed indexes that are required for accurate...
24 Nov 2014

KeelWit Technology travels to Brasil searching for new business opportunities

Isaac Prada has traveled to Brazil to analyze the possibility to locally develop projects in some of KeelWit’s areas of expertise, establishing partnerships with local companies. The main meetings were held with the Brazilian Association of Cotton Producers, SINDUSCON (Syndicate of Building Companies) and the Ministry of Mining and Energy (through its program “Power for all”). The meetings were focused on possible energy efficiency projects in industries and distributed energy resource systems.  Additionally Isaac also explained the way KeelWit uses CFD analyses to face engineering challenges and wind tunnel testing as a tool for product development. The conclusion of the trip were several engagements of exploring the synergies found and their application on different projects to be detailed during a future trip the first semester of...
28 Oct 2014

KeelWit Technology develops a project on solar panels aerodynamics for Gestamp Solar

Gestamp is an international group dedicated to the design, development and manufacturing of metal automotive components. Gestamp Renewables, a division of Corporación Gestamp, is an industrial group that operates and supplies components within the renewable energy sector. Gestamp Solar is one of the several companies that nowadays integrate Gestamp Renewables. It is focused on generating solar energy projects that are both ecological and highly profitable, offering tailor-made solutions as required. To date, Gestamp Solar has participated in the development, construction, maintenance and operation of plants with a total capacity of over 400 MW. Thanks to a permanent investment in R&D projects, Gestamp Solar is developing a new supporting structure for solar panels. It has needed an aerodynamic analysis to ensure its functionality, which has been contracted to KeelWit Technology. We have made different CFD 3D analyses, later validated through several wind tunnel tests. As a result of this complete study, Gestamp Solar has obtained relevant information about the operating conditions of this new device under strong...
16 Jun 2014

KeelWit Technology attends the second European Forum on railway running gears sponsored by ANSYS

The rolling gear is the core of the railway technology, involving all the railway industry stakeholders: manufacturers, operators, regulators, maintenance engineers, designers, researchers, authorities, policy makers and users Companies in this industry often use FEM simulation as a useful tool to predict the behavior and performance of trains and its linked infrastructure. ANSYS is the benchmark among simulation software, and is used by most of the engineering teams involved. Being an ANSYS expert as well as the owner of a wind tunnel for aerodynamic testing and crosschecking of results from simulation, KeelWit Technology was invited to attend this international forum, held in Alcalá de Henares University, sponsored by ANSYS Iberia. During 3 days the companies participating in the forum showed their flagship projects and the most complex simulations performed, sharing their knowledge and displaying their skills. To read more on the contents of the forum, read:...
1 Jan 2014

KeelWit celebrates its third anniversary by closing 2013 with an 83% increase in turnover

On March 1, KeelWit Technology celebrated its third anniversary as an engineering company. During this time, KeelWit has expanded its areas of business, performing projects in a wide range of areas, such as sustainable mobility, recycling of sports equipment, design of vertical wind tunnels for indoor sky diving, industrial process energy efficiency, CFD analysis, energy certification of buildings, remote controlled robot mobility, etc. Work has been supplemented by our own R&D in areas such as the introduction of product aerodynamic enhancement by testing in our own wind tunnel, road safety and information system security against cyber terrorist attacks. As a result, turnover in 2013 increased 83% in comparison to 2012 and 291% as opposed to 2011. In addition, EBITDA on turnover reached 32.3%, an increase of 244% with respect to 2012. Its sound financial and equity position, in addition to a positive net cash balance to meet financial commitments proves the Company’s economic viability, and that even in an unfavorable economic environment, there are opportunities for expansion in our country for engineers that develop state of the art...
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