19 Sep 2013

Isaac Prada Interviewed on Tv Program “Aquí Hay Trabajo” Shown By Tve2

“Aquí hay trabajo” interviewed Isaac Prada on a program devoted to young entrepreneurs under the age of 30. The program analyses the labour market in Spain, the industries that are creating new jobs and the professions with the greatest potential in our country. The aim is to explain the different ways people less than 30 face the challenge of being the CEO of their own company through interviews with 4 entrepreneurs. The ideas and comments of the CEOs interviewed are intended to help other young people make the move to become entrepreneurs themselves. The interview was filmed at KeelWit’s facilities, allowing viewers to watch internal meetings, tests in the wind tunnel and other moments of everyday life at the company. To watch the interview, click on the following link:http://www.rtve.es/alacarta/videos/aqui-hay-trabajo/aqui-hay-trabajo-19-09-13/2022800/ The interview starts at minute 5’...
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