24 Feb 2015

Isaac Prada speaker in the “company connected cars” forum held within the “Expansión-Evectia meetings” series of conferences

Isaac Prada has been invited to represent Comillas University in the “Encuentros Expansión-Evectia” Forum held in Unión Editorial’s headquarters. Sergio Piccione, vice-president of El Mundo daily magazine acted as moderator of the discussion held by the five speakers who talked about the communication between vehicle – infrastructures – users – other vehicles showing different approaches to this booming sector. The common point of view of all participants was the great potential underlying the deployment of on-board telematics and communication capabilities, as nowadays only 25% of the companies are using this available technology in their company fleets. All participants shared the conviction of the great potential benefits it might involve for the companies applying it properly. To know more about the forum,...
18 Nov 2014

KeelWit attends the seminar on “The Automotive industry in Madrid: successes and challenges”

KeelWit attended this conference of the “Automotive Engineering Master” also linked to the “Electric & Hybrid Vehicles Course” where both Isaac Prada and José María Cancer lecture. IVECO, BOSCH and PSA lectured on the key elements that allow their manufacturing sites in Madrid to be among the most productive factories in their groups, despite the global trend of industry migration towards Asia. All lecturers highlighted the effort of competitiveness progresses made by these sites through energy efficiency improvements. The vision of the top managers of these companies reinforces KeelWit’s own vision and its choice of Energy Efficiency as one of its main work...
8 May 2014

KeelWit attends the XXII automotive forum organised by Instituto de Empresa, concerning competitiveness in the automotive business in Spain

Sponsored by Volvo Cars Spain, Instituto de Empresa organizes this yearly meeting where professionals discuss about the present and future of the automotive sector in Spain. This year’s main topic for discussions and round tables was the necessary competitiveness for the business survival in an economic crisis cycle. The very low profitability of the different companies involved along manufacturing, distribution and commercialization of cars is pushing energy cost to gain weight in the industry’s concerns and key factors for survival. This topic is remarkable in a car dealer’s P&L, as water, fuel, gas and electric power consumptions have a big stake in overall running costs. Aware of this, KeelWit has decided to launch a pilot project focused in the improvement of the Key Energy Efficiency Performance Indicators in a car dealer, following several attendants’ request for a holistic approach on energy consumption in their business. Read more on the contents of the Forum in:...
11 Jun 2013

Isaac Prada y Nogueira in the “Iniciativa Volvo” Awards

Volvo Cars created the Iniciativa Volvo, an innovative educational contest seeking to enhance CREATIVITY, INNOVATION, TALENT, TEAM WORK AND PROBLEM SOLVING. The Project is based in using Technology as a tool to improve road safety. Iniciativa Volvo’s target are children between 11 and 12 years of age. 2013 was the first edition of the Project, which took place in Madrid, with 16 schools and over 2,500 students involved. At the Awards Ceremony, Isaac Prada gave a speech on how innovation and “thinking out of the box” were basic requirements for facing new challenges in engineering and have been crucial in some of the most relevant advances in road safety. Awards were presented by the executives of Volvo Cars Spain, such as Mr. Germán López Madrid (President), Mr. José María Galofré (CEO) and Mr. Javier Lirón (Competence Development Manager), as well as by Isaac Prada, a Partner of KeelWit Technology. Further information and a short video of the event in: prcomunicación (video of the event) elEconomista.es Expansión.com lainformacion.com inversión &...
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