11 Mar 2016

Video interviewing JM Cancer and other CEOs from ICAI Alumni

During the 7th Congress of ICAI Engineers, José María Cancer was interviewed together with the president of Iberdrola, the president and the CEO of  Acerinox and the president of Thales Spain in this video. They tried to briefly explain what ICAI engineers bring to our current society and their role in it. Watch the video...
27 May 2015

Isaac Prada co-writer of the book “Energía Eléctrica: Manual básico para juristas”

On the 27th of May Universidad Pontificia Comillas presented this book belonging to a list of books jointly developed by ICAI engineering school and Iberdrola. Isaac co-wrote with Mr. Ventosa, ICAI’s Principal, the first chapter of the book: “Energy: Where the power comes from”. According to Iberdrola’s president, Mr. Sánchez Galán, who signs the book’s introduction, this book “is a useful and complete guide book for all lawyers and other professionals who have to face the complex power industry without the necessary technical studies to help them understand...
27 Feb 2015

Isaac Prada with spanish minister, De Guindos, and the vice president of The European Commission (ec) and European commissioner for jobs, growth, investment and competitiveness Iyrki Katainen

Isaac Prada was selected to represent ICAI’s engineering school in the meeting both mandataries had with university students and teachers during the visits scheduled for Mr. Katainen in our country. The meeting was organized to enhance open conversations between both speakers and the students, coming from different universities in Madrid. Discussions were focused in our country’s needs of investment and structural changes to make the best possible use of the “Juncker Plan” for economic recovery in...
19 Feb 2014

KeelWit attends the presentation of the book “a decade of energy technology analysis” from the “advances in engineering” collection

KeelWit Technology took part in the presentation of Volume 12 of the collection “Advances in Engineering” at the Pontificia Comillas University. As in other volumes, Volume 12 analyses the situation and prospects of new energy technology and was presented by the Rafael Mariño Chair of the University, with the support of the ICAI Association of Engineers and Iberdrola. During the event and subsequent networking session, Isaac Prada and José María Cancer had the opportunity to exchange ideas on future energy trends in Spain with executives from Iberdrola, CENER, IDAE and other companies and institutions attending the...
5 Jun 2013

Isaac Prada, takes part in the round table on innovation during demo day at Start Comillas

START, the Comillas University Entrepreneurs Association, was created in 2011 with one main target: to enhance entrepreneurship spirit amongst university students and teachers. In order to do so, in 2012-2013 it held a number of sessions and initiatives aimed at boosting student interest in entrepreneurship, building a network of different profiles capable of complementing each other when facing this challenge. The START Comillas goal is to become a reference for all similar associations of university students. One of the relevant events of the year was the “Demo Day”, when several activities were held. The agenda included a round table on “Innovation Opportunities in Industry and Energy Sectors”. Isaac Prada took part, together with Manuel Martínez Alonso (Open Innovation Manager at Ferrovial), Agustín Delgado (Innovation Director at Iberdrola), Javier Rodríguez (Accenture Partner) and Efraim Centeno (IIT Manager). Isaac described how energy efficiency and energy harvesting are two fields with a vast potential of innovation opportunities. He also explained the different synergies existing between start-ups and large corporations in R&D and how universities are a powerful source of bright new ideas....
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