30 Nov 2017

KeelWit attends the “Innovation Day” organized by ANSYS Spain

Three of KeelWit Technology’s engineers attended the different presentations made throughout the day, being able to see and debate the new features of the numerical simulation tools of ANSYS, as well as the “best practices” of other Spanish companies in areas as different as space rockets, mobile phones or microalgae...
20 Oct 2014

KeelWit Technology lectures in convergence 2014: Annual Conference of Best Practices in the Numerical Simulation Industry

ANSYS Iberia organizes an annual event where leading engineering companies are invited to lecture on the most relevant and successful projects developed through numerical simulation during the previous year. KeelWit was invited to lecture its project “Improving Flow Characteristics and Turbulence throughout the Exhaust Duct of a Gas Turbine for Combined Cycle Power Plants”. The audience of over 150 people was formed by engineering teams of some of the most relevant engineering companies in Spain such as Técnicas Reunidas, Empresarios Agrupados, ITP, CTAG, Tecnalia, Navantia, o Tecnatom. To know more on the event, visit: http://www.ansys.com/Conference/Locations/Madrid...
16 Jun 2014

KeelWit Technology attends the second European Forum on railway running gears sponsored by ANSYS

The rolling gear is the core of the railway technology, involving all the railway industry stakeholders: manufacturers, operators, regulators, maintenance engineers, designers, researchers, authorities, policy makers and users Companies in this industry often use FEM simulation as a useful tool to predict the behavior and performance of trains and its linked infrastructure. ANSYS is the benchmark among simulation software, and is used by most of the engineering teams involved. Being an ANSYS expert as well as the owner of a wind tunnel for aerodynamic testing and crosschecking of results from simulation, KeelWit Technology was invited to attend this international forum, held in Alcalá de Henares University, sponsored by ANSYS Iberia. During 3 days the companies participating in the forum showed their flagship projects and the most complex simulations performed, sharing their knowledge and displaying their skills. To read more on the contents of the forum, read:...
7 May 2014

José María Cancer gives a talk in the conference room of the Spanish Institute for Intellectual Property Protection (OEPM) about ip protection as a strategic driver in innovative technology based companies (EIBTS)

OEPM invited KeelWit Technology to take part in their conference program “Meetings with the other part”. These lectures search a better understanding for the patent examiners within the organization, of the real difficulties that EIBTs face in their daily work. KeelWit Technology invested 38,2% of its annual turnover last year in R&D obtaining 1 PCT, 3 Registers of Community Designs and has currently several patents on the way. These figures made KeelWit eligible for its participation in the program, as a leading company among small SMEs making notorious efforts to launch innovative ideas and technologies in different sectors. The conference was followed by a long Q&A session from the audience, where over 40 examiners wanted to know more about KeelWit’s strategy, and how it selected a certain number of ideas, to promote them and take them to a business case stage, and the difficulties found to do so. A special focus was made on the scarce support found to do so, despite the existing institutional tools and organizations supposedly devoted to help SMEs, including the OEPM. For further information, see:...
19 Feb 2014

KeelWit attends the presentation of the book “a decade of energy technology analysis” from the “advances in engineering” collection

KeelWit Technology took part in the presentation of Volume 12 of the collection “Advances in Engineering” at the Pontificia Comillas University. As in other volumes, Volume 12 analyses the situation and prospects of new energy technology and was presented by the Rafael Mariño Chair of the University, with the support of the ICAI Association of Engineers and Iberdrola. During the event and subsequent networking session, Isaac Prada and José María Cancer had the opportunity to exchange ideas on future energy trends in Spain with executives from Iberdrola, CENER, IDAE and other companies and institutions attending the...
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