26 Apr 2014

Isaac Prada and José María Cancer lecture in the electric & hybrid vehicle course organized by ASEPA and INSIA

ASEPA (Asociación Española de Profesionales de Automoción) has prepared a training course dealing with the special characteristics of this type of vehicles, under the supervision of INSIA (University Institute of Automobile Research). Participants are automotive industry professionals linked to electro-mobility as well as several amateurs of electric cars. José María Cancer (co-founder of ASEPA) and Isaac Prada explained the main characteristics of Light Electric Vehicles, its market trends and types of users as well as how KeelWit designs and engineers this kind of Pedelecs. A special chapter was devoted to specific legislation and dynamic and EMC tests needed for the homologation of the units. The session was enriched with the possibility for participants to handle components and materials used in the development of Last Mile Delivery tricycles engineered by KeelWit. The good results of this course both in terms of attendance and students satisfaction will surely encourage ASEPA to repeat it in the future, being aware of people interested in the contents that could not attend the course in this...
10 Oct 2013

KeelWit takes part in the 3rd National Congress on Eco-friendly Mobility and Urban Package delivery

José María Cancer was invited on behalf of KeelWit Technology to take part in the 3rd National Congress on eco-friendly mobility and urban package delivery. During the congress, talks focused in the state of the art and best practices carried out by companies in the industry sector over the past year. The congress was organized jointly by CITET (Innovation Centre for Logistics & Transportation) and UNO (Logistics & Transportation Employer’s Organization) in conjunction with the Coslada Town Council. Over 150 relevant figures in the Logistics sector were invited and attended the meeting. In his speech, the CITET Secretary highlighted the main innovative projects they had sponsored during the previous year. A relevant part of the speech was devoted to the development by KeelWit Technology of a new electric tricycle for its client, Vienenbici. This tricycle is currently used for package delivery in downtown Madrid. The Regional Government of Madrid awarded the Trike Development and  its Use Project with the “Clean Environment 2012” prize in the month of May. The Congress was the perfect occasion for Vienenbici to display the latest version of the tricycle, adapted for the dual use of brochure transport and an information counter for tourists, built specially for the Madrid Town Council. For more on the congress, visit: http://www.unologistica.org/noticias/ http://coslada.es/semsys/ciudadanos/el-alcalde-de-coslada-abre-el-iii-congreso-nacional-de-movilidad-y-distribucion-urbana-sostenible/viewer/3269;jsessionid=33E60D0B9E9FED515C4564083ADF4484 http://logistica.cdecomunicacion.es/noticias/eventos/6621/iii-congreso-de-movilidad-y-distribucion-urbana-sostenible http://www.unologistica.org/2013/10/soluciones-hoy-para-una-distribucion-urbana-de-mercancias-sostenible/...
29 May 2013

UNO, awarded with the “clean environment 2012” prize for enhancing the use of the electric trike developed by KeelWit

During a formal ceremony held in the Environment Division of the Regional Government of Madrid, UNO has received the “Clean Environment 2012” award for Organizations. UNO is the Spanish Organization of employers and companies of the Logistics & Transportation business. This prize is part of a global approach from the regional government to enhance local industries’ engagement with clean initiatives and technologies. This year’s prize acknowledges the project of the development of an electric tricycle for Last Mile Delivery in urban environments. This project was strongly supported by leading companies in urban logistics, such as SEUR, MRW, TNT or DHL Supply Chain who have offered their know-how in daily business operation in this area. Vienenbici worked as the investor in the project, KeelWit Technology as the engineering company taking full responsibility of the design, sizing and production scheme, and e+e as an energy efficiency expert. Project coordination has been granted by CITET (Technological Centre for Innovation applied to Logistics and Transportation). This project ended with the only fully homologated electric tricycle in Spain with substantial improvements in terms of handling, comfort, volume, torque and range for package delivery in pedestrian areas and crowded streets. UNO can therefore display the “sello-e” distinction as a proof of its efforts in making logistic industry more efficient and environmentally aware and as a sign of their search for excellence in its management. To learn more about this : Noticias UNO Comunidad de Madrid Handling Storage Logística profesional Bases del concurso El vigía Cadena de suministro...
6 Feb 2013

KeelWit speaker in a roundtable about internacionalization for start-ups

Madri+d Network is an institution that clusters public & private institutions,entrepreneurs and companies within Madrid region. One of its branches,  Fundación madri+d , is focused in enhancing R&D in Madrid region, and it invited KeelWit Technology to become a speaker in the roundtable set up to discuss on “Different strategies for start-up’s internacionalization”. The session was held in the Círculo de Bellas Artes, a major multidisciplinary centre with one of the most active cultural programmes in Madrid. The two other speakers, 24 Symbols and Pharmactive Biotech Products, explained their use of Internet as a tool for offering their products abroad. KeelWit Technology explained how, although having Spanish clients, its projects have always been on international projects (thermal solar plant in the USA), or aimed at products that either are international due to their characteristics (robots for windmill blade cleaning, sport equipment recycling techniques or CHP generation plants) or have broader markets abroad (electric bicycles or electric tricycles for Last Mile Delivery). If you wish to know more about the roundtable: http://www.madrimasd.org/informacionidi/agenda/fichajornada.asp?jor=9613...
18 Oct 2012

KeelWit Technology and Prosegur jointly develop a specific security device for electro-mobility

Prosegur, a leading company in the safety industry, has developed together with KeelWit Technology a specific version of its widely acclaimed Prosegur Alarmas Móviles (known as PAM) device to equip electric bicycles, tricycles and small electric cars. This industry premier is a strong tool for e-fleet management, as well as for vehicle protection and quick retrieval if stolen. The device is permanently linked 24/365 to the HQ of Prosegur’s Alarm Center, allowing a wide team of security industry professionals to track the movements of the vehicles and to receive on-line information on their performance and status, warning them on any need for their reaction. The work done on the device includes energy-consumption optimization for reduced energy need of the “standby mode” in order to minimize the impact on the vehicle’s range granted by its batteries. With this project, leaded by KeelWit, Prosegur enhances its strong support for environmentally concerned projects, granting Vienenbici’s e-trikes a powerful tool, comparable with the ones used by conventional engine vehicles, and placing them a step above their competitors in sustainable mobility...
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