17 Feb 2016

3,900 big companies in Spain forced to perform an Energy Audit in less than 9 months time

On February 13th, a new law has entered into force in Spain, pushing all big companies in its territory (those overpassing the SME size limitations) to perform an energy audit in less than 9 months time. This measure affects over 3,900 big companies in Spain with more than 27,000 sites in our contry. SMEs can still do it free and voluntarily. This law is the transposition to local Spanish legislation of the  2012/27/UE Directive, already into force in other countries in Europe since 2012.   KeelWit Technology is performing energy audits according to the compulsory UNE-EN 16247 regulation since 2012, helping industries reduce their energy consumption.  The law allows to use partial energy audits (for instance of only part of the processes in a factory) performed since 2012, to enrich them until they cover the 85% of the total energy consumption of the company....
19 May 2014

KeelWit studies Toyota Kuruma’s energy efficiency

Using Enefgy’s smart metering as a service, KeelWit Technology has performed an energy audit in the two main facilities of this well-known Toyota dealer in Madrid. Based on the last 12 months consumptions of water, gas, propane, diesel and electric power and after a deep analysis of both facilities and the equipment installed in each of them, and with the real-time information on smartmeters’ readings provided by Enefgy’s web based platform, KeelWit has presented several energy management advices to be undertaken to reduce energy costs. Certain modifications in employees working habits jointly applied with investments offering 6 to 24 month paybacks would allow savings of up to 30k€ (water + fuel + gas + electricity) and over 50 tons of CO2 emissions, equivalent to the emissions coming from 14 vehicles, 23 buildings or the carbon capture of 1.295 new trees being planted. Both the savings arisen and the possibility to set a number of energy efficiency and environmental indicators that might guide the dealers and establish a benchmark amongst dealer networks make KeelWit confident in the extension of this same philosophy of project in other dealers. Environmentally concerned dealer networks and brands would be likely to get involved in this kind of projects that allow savings whilst contributing to sustainability. Read more on these contents in: http://www.enefgy.com/ http://www.kuruma.toyota.es/localizaciones.aspx...
21 Nov 2013

KeelWit analyzes energy consumption improvement possibilities at a municipal solid waste plant

KeelWit has commenced a study of the entire process of collection, waste handling, separation and final energy generation at Municipal Solid Waste Facility, given that the industry has a major component of thermal energy in its process. Recycling processes involve high temperatures and a complex heat recovery system, ash management and combustion control, due to the heterogeneous nature of municipal solid waste. Any process in which high temperatures are reached and large volumes of materials are involved is usually susceptible to energy consumption improvements, better use of residual heat, performance enhancements and a new set point definition of its KPIs. These improvements can be achieved by changes in production volumes (downwards or upwards) that, over the years, have displaced actual operating conditions from initial set points. All ovens, Heat Recovery System Generators, turbines, absorbers, filters, catalytic tanks and chimneys are a perfect environment for applying the KeelWit Energy Methodology of Optimization...
18 Oct 2013

KeelWit concludes project on energy efficiency improvements in an industrial plant

KeelWit has concluded a project designed to improve energy efficiency at a chemical plant, through several changes made to the main processes of the plant. After a comprehensive analysis of its pirotubular boilers, thermo compressors/ejectors and condensers, areas of improvement were identified and evaluated, priorities established and suppliers selected for the implementation of the enhancement plan. The final project results will bring a substantial reduction in vapour, gas and power consumption and a Return On Investment within less than 1...
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