18 May 2016

KeelWit performs a Finite Element Analysis on the stress introduced in a heat exchanger for AMEC Foster Wheeler

KeelWit has performed a FEM analysis on the mechanical effects produced by sudden temperature and pressure changes on a heat exchanger. By performing this study, KeelWit enhances the scope of the analyses performed by its engineering team for other leading international engineering companies as AMEC Foster...
24 Oct 2014

KeelWit Technology attends the Franco-Spanish Congress about R&D in the water domain

The Science and Technology Spanish Foundation (FECYT), together with the French Embassy in Madrid, has organized the “Franco-Spanish Congress about R&D in the water domain”, event which allowed attendees to known first hand and discuss the main research news in the water field, as well as the different financing opportunities and the distinct European initiatives in such field, highlighting the 2020 Horizon and the Acqueau cluster. The great participation of different governmental institutions, private companies and universities has made this event a success, putting in contact many Spanish and French companies among them. During the congress, José María Cancer, partner of KeelWit Technology explained its previous experience implementing energy efficiency improvements for cooling towers, heat exchangers, condensers, ejectors and heat recovery systems inter alia, in order to find foreign partners to carry out international research projects. As a result KeelWit Technology is now a member of both R&D Platforms as an engineering company offering its know-how for R&D projects in this domain: http://www.acqueau.eu/wp-content/uploads/2014/11/ACQUEAU_Find-a-partner-template-offering-expertise-KEELWIT-TECHNOLOGY.pdf To read more about the contents of the congress, visit: http://eshorizonte2020.es/actualidad/noticias/disponibles-las-presentaciones-de-la-jornada-seminario-franco-espanol-sobre-i-d-en-el-dominio-del-agua http://www.ambafrance-es.org/El-24-de-octubre-2014-Seminario...
25 Jan 2013

KeelWit starts a project on a CHP PLANT

KeelWit is working on the improvement of the energy efficiency of a combined heat and power plant, selecting the areas where a heat transfer with colder flows is feasible and designing the necessary heat exchanger system required, as well as improving the aerodynamics of certain pipelines where the pressure drop can be reduced....
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