17 Oct 2017

KeelWit article in the scientific magazine DYNA on CFD optimization of boilers for combined cycles

KeelWit has published an article titled Boiler inlet duct shape design optimization for combined cycle power plants. Founded in 1926, DYNA is one of the most influential and prestigious engineering journals in the world, as recognized by Thomson-Reuters in the annual edition of its JCR report and undoubtedly a reference of scientific publications in Spanish. The contribution of this paper is twofold: on the one hand, it shows that there is substantial room for improvement in the shape design of the inlet ducts of Heat Recovery Steam Generators (HRSGs), in terms of achieving a lower pressure drop, a higher velocity uniformity and an important cost reduction of the unit; on the other hand, it shows how the application of the Multi Objective Structured Hybrid Direct Search (MOST-HDS) algorithm, can find improved designs. This algorithm is applicable in many fields for aerodynamic shape optimization involving big displacements, which can be quite unconventional and non-intuitive. The MOST-HDS algorithm combines genetic, gradient and swarm search intelligence in every iteration. The results obtained for the two HRSG families presented show that there are optimum trade-off design points with simultaneous reductions in pressure drop of up to 20- 25%, in lateral surface of up to 38% and in boiler inlet length of up to 16%, while having comparable velocity uniformities to the existing designs. Link to open access article:...
8 Jan 2016

KeelWit is awarded a new contract with AMEC Foster Wheeler North America

The good results achieved in previous cooperations with its Spanish subsidiary has pushed AMEC Foster Wheeler North America to work with KeelWit directly. This project consisting of several CFD simulations shall allow the engineering group the optimization of the HRSG (Heat Recovery Steam Generator) used in a combined heat & power plant they are starting to build. This is the first time KeelWit has been chosen by other subsidiaries out of Spain of this international engineering group, for whom KeelWit has worked in tight cooperation since early 2014....
7 Sep 2015

AMEC Foster Wheeler trusts once more in KeelWit Technology

AMEC Foster Wheeler contracts KeelWit Technology to perform CFD simulations on the exhaust gas behavior in Hail’s plant (Saudi Arabia). Through this project, the dual-pressure, vertical HRSG’s will be retrofitted to four Siemens SGT-2000 gas turbines to convert the simple cycle plants to combined cycles, dramatically improving the plant...
28 Feb 2015

KeelWit Technology works with Amec Foster Wheeler in CFD analyses over combined cycle plants

KeelWit Technology has started working for Amec Foster Wheeler, as it previously did for Foster Wheeler Energía, in the modelling and redesign of heaters through CFD analyses in order to improve their performance. This cooperation has allowed KeelWit to apply its know-how in the performance improvement of some of the biggest power plants of its type in the world. Amec Foster Wheeler PLC is the resulting company of the 5,000 M£ worth merger between Amec PLC and Foster Wheeler AG, becoming a new force in global engineering, project delivery, asset support, power equipment and consultancy. The new company has a highly skilled workforce of over 40,000 in more than 50 countries working on the design, deliver and maintenance of strategic and complex infrastructure assets across a range of markets. Amec Foster Wheeler PLC has a strong presence across the onshore and offshore oil and gas value chain, being also a major player in the mining, clean energy, power generation, environment and infrastructure markets, as well as a leading designer, fabricator and supplier of advanced boiler systems for the power generation and industrial markets, where KeelWit provides its know-how.    ...
2 Jun 2014

KeelWit Technology works for foster wheeler energia in a project to improve the performance of a heat recovery steam generator (HRSG)

Foster Wheeler is a leading international engineering, construction and project management contractor and power equipment supplier. It’s Global Engineering and Construction (E&C) Group designs, engineers and constructs leading-edge processing facilities and related infrastructure for the offshore and onshore upstream oil & gas, LNG & gas monetization, refining, environmental and power industries. Foster Wheeler Energia, S.L.U., is a division responsible for the design and engineering of heat recovery systems for the group worldwide. Its HQ is located in Madrid. KeelWit Technology is working closely with FWE, since the month of May, around CFD simulations oriented to improve the performance of heat recovery systems in combined cycle plants built by the company in different locations around the world. Some of these plants generate hundreds of MW and are considered state of the art facilities in this industry...
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