11 Mar 2016

Video interviewing JM Cancer and other CEOs from ICAI Alumni

During the 7th Congress of ICAI Engineers, José María Cancer was interviewed together with the president of Iberdrola, the president and the CEO of  Acerinox and the president of Thales Spain in this video. They tried to briefly explain what ICAI engineers bring to our current society and their role in it. Watch the video...
20 Nov 2015

José María Cancer & Isaac Prada lectured in the 7th ICAI Alumni Congress

José María Cancer was selected as a lecturer for the round table on “Innovation and Entrepreneurship” and Isaac Prada for the round table on “Sustainability and Environmental Challenges” both taken place during the 7th ICAI Alumni Congress that took place in Madrid in November 2015. With over 500 participants, this congress was held as a relevant occasion to allow this important think-tank to discuss its core values and role in nowadays’ society as a source of  “Value and skills open to society”. The whole content of the lectures shall be included in the Congress book that will resume all participations taken place during the three days of the congress. Mesa Redonda Innovación y Emprendimiento Mesa redonda Sostenibilidad Acto de clausura del congreso Ponencia Sostenibilidad Ponencias...
26 Mar 2015

José María Cancer presents the prize of “best end of studies project of engineering devoted to social development“

José María Cancer, in his role of Secretary of the Board of the Fundación de Ingenieros de ICAI para el Desarrollo, presented the prize category of “Best Engineering Project devoted to Social Development”, among the final thesis developed by ICAI engineering school’s last year pupils of the 2013-2014 academic year. This NGO has been working since 2007 in the application of engineering skills on projects focused in improving life conditions of the most disadvantaged sections of society both in the Third World countries and in Spain. This organization among other activities has been providing projects during several years to last year students of this leading engineering school. All of them are focused in the application of engineering knowledge and skills into the improvement of living conditions of disadvantaged populations. Its work is developed through cooperation with other NGOs like ONGAWA, Fundación ACCIONA Microenergía and Fundación Energía sin Fronteras, as well as the Cátedra BP de Energía y Sostenibilidad. This year’s prize has been awarded to the project titled “Monitoring system for the operation of household PV systems” developed by David Chanquet, acting as joint thesis directors Julio Eisman (Fundación Acciona Microenergía’s Director) and Fernando de Cuadra (ICAI’s professor). This Project has been selected for its usefulness, managing the solar panels installed within the “Luz en Casa” program, in Cajamarca (Peru), that are allowing 3900 families to have power in their households. The other prizes were presented by top managers of the rest of the sponsor companies: Alberto García Cabrero, (Abengoa); Pedro Luis Sánchez, (Accenture); Román Escudero Gallego, ( Asociación Nacional de Ingenieros del ICAI); Enrique González García, (BP España); Enrique Sainz Nadales, (Deloitte); Francisco Javier Goicoechea...
27 Feb 2015

Isaac Prada with spanish minister, De Guindos, and the vice president of The European Commission (ec) and European commissioner for jobs, growth, investment and competitiveness Iyrki Katainen

Isaac Prada was selected to represent ICAI’s engineering school in the meeting both mandataries had with university students and teachers during the visits scheduled for Mr. Katainen in our country. The meeting was organized to enhance open conversations between both speakers and the students, coming from different universities in Madrid. Discussions were focused in our country’s needs of investment and structural changes to make the best possible use of the “Juncker Plan” for economic recovery in...
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