20 Feb 2017

Isaac Prada & José María Cancer interviewed in “Foro de los RRHH” program from Capital Radio

Foro de los RRHH, conducted by Fran García Cabello, is a weekly radio program broadcasted by Capital Radio, devoted to presenting the latest trends in Human Resources Management. Isaac and José María explained how KeelWit uses the flying chamber of Madrid Fly, the Indoor Skydiving Tunnel they have designed and built, to perform Team Building exercises for companies. These are part of the training program called “Formula One Managers”, where they explain several techniques used by F1 team managers to manage their budget and personnel that can be easily adopted by any type and size of company. Team Building sessions held inside the flying chamber with wind blowing at a 120 km/h speed are a perfect tool to train and improve integration, coordination and trust among team members, as a symbol of a changing, hostile and unpredictable market environment. Companies and associations like Banco Santander, SIE or the YPO/WPO have already gone through this program. Iberdola, ASTI and Global Switch have already booked their dates in...
11 Nov 2016

José María Cancer & Isaac Prada lecture on Light Electric Vehicles for INSIA’s Master on Electric and Hybrid Vehicles

José María Cancer & Isaac Prada lectured on Light Electric Vehicles as a part of the INSIA Electric & Hybrid Vehicles Master course. The session is focused on the regulations governing the EPAC (Electrically Power-Assisted Cycles) industry, the design and manufacturing of new models, energy sizing and component technology. Special focus was made on the software tools developed by KeelWit for the sizing and selection of the best energy source for every need that have been used in the engineering and construction of both electric bicycles and tricycles by the company. The success of the previous edition of this program pushed INSIA to call for this third edition before the end of 2016, with over 20 people joining this new...
17 Mar 2016

JM Cancer presents the “Best engineering project focused on social development” award

José María Cancer, being the Secretary of the Board of Trustees of  Fundación de Ingenieros del ICAI, introduced Inés Valero Solesio and the reasons to be awarded with the prize for the “Best engineering project focused on social development” within the event of the “Best engineering projects” among the recently graduate engineers of ICAI. The project awarded sized and engineered a water treatment plant through a robust solution with optimized maintenance procedures and operated through solar pannels. It is going to be installed in a recently opened school in Nikki, Benin, where 900 pupils will get a proper education thanks to the water and energy supply obtained through this project. Fundación de Ingenieros del ICAI is focused in granting a better access to energy  and water supply as well as technology infrastructures needed for TIC deployment in poor areas. It develops its projects thanks to donations and support given by the ICAI Alumni, sponsoring companies and volunteers, who trust in the ethics, methodology and efficiency of the work deployed by its members. Video of the...
11 Mar 2016

Master Class of JM Cancer in the XXXVI Graduation of ISEAD Alumni

Last March 11, and in the Conference Hall of Instituto Cervantes in Madrid, took place the XXXVI Graduation of ISEAD Alumni. The ISEAD is an internationally renowned Institution, famous for the contents of its Educational Programs as well as the ethics of the think-tank its Alumni  have built throughout these years. This has allowed it to have international agreements with prestigious universities and institutons such as Centro Universitario Villanueva, the US-EAD Business School (Miami), the Escuela de Emprendimiento Social y Económico of Colombia University and the El Salvador University.   The students received their Master Graduation diploma after the Master Class held by JM Cancer,  where he lectured on “The challenges of innovation and entrepreneurship“....
11 Mar 2016

Video interviewing JM Cancer and other CEOs from ICAI Alumni

During the 7th Congress of ICAI Engineers, José María Cancer was interviewed together with the president of Iberdrola, the president and the CEO of  Acerinox and the president of Thales Spain in this video. They tried to briefly explain what ICAI engineers bring to our current society and their role in it. Watch the video...
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