27 Oct 2015

KeelWit Technology lectures in ANSYS Convergence 2015

KeelWit has been selected once more to lecture in the annual convention organized by ANSYS Iberia to display the “best practices” of the previous year in numerical simulation using its software package. For this occasion Isaac Prada explained the methodology of “Structured Multiattribute Optimization using a combination of algorithms and ACTs”. The methodology was explained on its use for vertical wind tunnels’ design. This methodology is the leitmotiv of Isaac’s PhD and its first real case application has been the design of the Indoor Skydiving Vertical Wind Tunnel of Madrid Fly, recently built in the outskirts of Madrid...
10 Apr 2015

Fans designed for Madrid Fly’s vertical wind tunnel succesfully tested

On April 10th, the first of the 4 fans for skydiving purposes jointly designed by KeelWit and Zitron was tested in the biggest test bench for axial fans in the world. With a size over 4m diameter and a weight exceeding 10 tons each, they shall deliver the needed power to propel skydivers at a speed of 300 km/h. Energy efficiency, acceleration speed and airflow quality have been some of the development guidelines followed by both engineering teams. These fans shall be installed in a very short time in Madrid Fly’s wind tunnel, where the construction of the building that shall host all the technical equipment and devices designed by KeelWit Technology, has just...
1 Dec 2014

The works of Madrid fly indoor skydiving wind tunnel, engineered by KeelWit progress as scheduled in Las Rozas (Madrid)

Three months have gone by since Madrid Fly obtained the necessary permits to start building the biggest skydiving wind tunnel in Spain, and the civil works progress as planned. After doing the earthmoving for the complex foundations and place the frame and the formwork, the concreting of the slab and the walls of the lower part of the wind tunnel has begun. Despite the heavy rain that has hit Madrid during the last months, the works have continued without setbacks. For more information about project details and pictures of the progress of the works, visit: https://www.linkedin.com/company/vertical-wind-tunnels?trk=biz-brand-tree-co-name...
8 Sep 2014

Madrid Fly, in which KeelWit Technology is shareholder, gets the building permit needed for immediate construction of a skydiving vertical wind tunnel in Madrid

After more than 2 years trying to clear out all the doubts of Las Rozas de Madrid’s Town Hall concerning the project, due to its novelty and lack of benchmark in Madrid, Madrid Fly, company whose engineering team and partner is KeelWit Technology, obtains all the necessary permits to start building this same week the biggest skydiving arena in Spain. This lapse of time has been devoted to improve the aerodynamic design of the flying area and to optimize the fans’ performance as well as to enhance the cooling system needed for the high-speed circulating air. These sport facilities shall be used both by professional flyers and general public, wanting to experiment without risks the feeling of free flying, floating embedded in a vertical air flow ascending at speeds from 160 to 300 km/h depending on the flyer’s expertise. With a maximum speed of over 300 km/h and room for up to 8 skydivers at the same time, the design and construction of such a facility represents a great challenge for any engineering team. Madrid Fly’s wind tunnel shall become a true benchmark in skydiving world as it has been designed and built step by step focusing on engineering solutions for the design weak points of the competitors’ technology worldwide. In order to do so, KeelWit Technology has worked side by side with Alberto Fuertes, several times world cup champion in many skydiving categories. Alberto has helped launching the majority of the skydiving facilities in Europe in the last 8 years. He shall be running the facility once it is open in 2015, being also a partner of Madrid...
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