Eurobike fair Friedrichshafen (Germany)

Eurobike fair Friedrichshafen (Germany)
KeelWit presents the YRide, a new HMI (Human Machine Interface) for electric bicycles (8/30 – 9/3)

KeelWit presents the YRide, a new HMI (Human Machine Interface) for electric bicycles (8/30 – 9/3)

Following Bector Bike’s  demand, KeelWit Technology has designed and programmed a HMI on an iPhone © that includes the following features:

  • Bike’s motor power release control
  • Low / high beams control for front lighting
  • Rear view camera control. The camera is integrated in the saddle and simplifies turning while riding as rear view images are displayed on the iPhone © automatically when blinkers are activated
  • GPS navigation control
  • Automatic Emergency Call in case of sudden violent deceleration if rider does not confirm no damage suffered
  • Information display:
    • Bike’s speed
    • Pedaling speed
    • Remaining range with the battery charge available (dynamic recalculation)
    • % of battery charge remaining (dynamic recalculation)
    • Current time and hours spent riding
    • %  of the required energy for current speed provided by the motor and by the rider

This software has been enriched with the development of a hard-case cell for the smartphone. It includes a hard cover enabling the use of the tactile screen whilst providing protection from dust and rain. The iPhone is permanently branched to the bicycle battery to allow continuous use of its applications without smartphone’s battery abuse.


Infotainment & safety features integration through the use of a smartphone as per KeelWit’s devices become a sound improvement of road safety for bikers.

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