20 Oct 2014

KeelWit Technology lectures in convergence 2014: Annual Conference of Best Practices in the Numerical Simulation Industry

ANSYS Iberia organizes an annual event where leading engineering companies are invited to lecture on the most relevant and successful projects developed through numerical simulation during the previous year. KeelWit was invited to lecture its project “Improving Flow Characteristics and Turbulence throughout the Exhaust Duct of a Gas Turbine for Combined Cycle Power Plants”. The audience of over 150 people was formed by engineering teams of some of the most relevant engineering companies in Spain such as Técnicas Reunidas, Empresarios Agrupados, ITP, CTAG, Tecnalia, Navantia, o Tecnatom. To know more on the event, visit: http://www.ansys.com/Conference/Locations/Madrid...
16 Jun 2014

KeelWit Technology attends the second European Forum on railway running gears sponsored by ANSYS

The rolling gear is the core of the railway technology, involving all the railway industry stakeholders: manufacturers, operators, regulators, maintenance engineers, designers, researchers, authorities, policy makers and users Companies in this industry often use FEM simulation as a useful tool to predict the behavior and performance of trains and its linked infrastructure. ANSYS is the benchmark among simulation software, and is used by most of the engineering teams involved. Being an ANSYS expert as well as the owner of a wind tunnel for aerodynamic testing and crosschecking of results from simulation, KeelWit Technology was invited to attend this international forum, held in Alcalá de Henares University, sponsored by ANSYS Iberia. During 3 days the companies participating in the forum showed their flagship projects and the most complex simulations performed, sharing their knowledge and displaying their skills. To read more on the contents of the forum, read:...
3 Apr 2014

Keelwit Technology lectures in CIEMAT’S conference room within the seminar organized by ANSYS IBERIA to show best cases in the use of their sw in the energy industry

ANSYS Iberia invited KeelWit Technology to lecture on the use of ANSYS Fluent for energy efficiency projects in industrial plants. Isaac Prada and Ignacio de Vicente presented the improvement of the performance of a combined cycle plant through the design of an optimized exhaust gas pipe for its turbine. KeelWit’s solution allowed to reduce pressure drop linked to the geometry of current’s exhaust duct by 86%, eliminate turbulence and associated internal erosion and maintenance costs as well as an improvement of the overall efficiency of the process through an easier and better thermal insulation of the new exhaust tube. Over 70 attendants from the nuclear, thermosolar and generation plant business attended the seminar, being able to listen to SENER, TERMOPOWER, CIEMAT and KeelWit Technology explaining their use of ANSYS as a basic tool in their projects. To learn more on the contents of the seminar, visit:...
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