11 Dec 2017

Isaac Prada presents the application of the MOST-HDS algorithm, combined with CFD, to the design of objects and devices, in a webinar organized by ANSYS USA and by GOMPUTE

KeelWit applies its proprietary Multi-Objective Structured Hybrid Direct Search (MOST-HDS) methodology, which introduces optimization algorithms in the exploration of the most suitable combinations of the values of the different variables of highly complex functions, to reach the optimal value of the target function in CFD projects. By applying this methodology, KeelWit has obtained important improvements in the selected target function within the design of wind tunnels, water slides, injectors, exhaust gas ducts, etc. In the webinar Isaac explained how the use of this methodology can be considered a quantum leap when designing components, as it allows to apply ongoing phases of optimization over hundreds of possible combinations of the values of the variables, when compared to the usual methodology of selection and testing of 3 or 4 different configurations, almost exclusively based in the know-how obtained from previous designs. The joint use of GOMPUTE’s cloud High Performance Computing and ANSYS simulation software has allowed KeelWit to introduce improvements % in the target function that have ranged from 18% to 77% in device design for different...
30 Nov 2017

KeelWit attends the “Innovation Day” organized by ANSYS Spain

Three of KeelWit Technology’s engineers attended the different presentations made throughout the day, being able to see and debate the new features of the numerical simulation tools of ANSYS, as well as the “best practices” of other Spanish companies in areas as different as space rockets, mobile phones or microalgae...
15 Sep 2017

KeelWit again selected as business showcase by ANSYS for its Advantage magazine

KeelWit’s methodology of optimization using optimization algorithms combined with ANSYS’ CFD module and solver has been selected to be included in the worldwide magazine version that ANSYS delivers to all customers showing the best uses of their software package. The article yields a summary of the methodology used in optimizing the shape of the inlet ducts of the heaters of power plants, achieving improvements of targets chosen by 24%. The methodology and proprietary algorithms are part of Isaac Prada’s PhD for which he obtained a “Cum Laude” qualification. ANSYS has decided to show these results as they show a wide range of different applications where this engineering procedure can be applied. This same methodology has also been applied to the improvement of wind tunnels’ shapes, where results obtained have given a pressure drop reduction of up to 60%.  Click on the following link to read the full article: picking-up-steam-aa-V11-I2 ANSYS...
27 Oct 2015

KeelWit Technology lectures in ANSYS Convergence 2015

KeelWit has been selected once more to lecture in the annual convention organized by ANSYS Iberia to display the “best practices” of the previous year in numerical simulation using its software package. For this occasion Isaac Prada explained the methodology of “Structured Multiattribute Optimization using a combination of algorithms and ACTs”. The methodology was explained on its use for vertical wind tunnels’ design. This methodology is the leitmotiv of Isaac’s PhD and its first real case application has been the design of the Indoor Skydiving Vertical Wind Tunnel of Madrid Fly, recently built in the outskirts of Madrid...
13 Nov 2014

Personal training course on ansys fluent use for KeelWit Technology

Special training course for KeelWit Technology engineers at its HQ in Madrid. The advanced training course was tailor-made for KeelWit Technology, as part of the Company’s on-going enhancement plan, aimed at furthering knowledge in Computer Fluid Dynamics, using the most powerful software available. The contents selected will allow KeelWit’s engineers to face especially complex cases in CFD simulations such as: – Fluid mixing in partially full pipes – Erosion and sudden pressure variations due to partial or total blocking of fluid pipes caused by fouling detachment from pipe inner surface – Phase change: solid-liquid or liquid-gas. – Hydraulic obstacles in water channel – Supercritical fluid behaviour and performance in conduits and equipment – Water or fluid hammer (simulation of quick transient phenomena of great pressure variations) – Deforming and moving meshes and mesh generation/erasing – Burners for pirotubular boilers Currently, there are only 150 companies in Spain that have purchased an official software license for this powerful and complex tool. It proves that KeelWit is a cutting-edge engineering company, fully equipped and experienced in fluid dynamic calculations that can be later empirically tested in the Company’s own air wind tunnel. The knowledge of these complex cases will be applied to projects developed for customers in their industrial processes as well as in certain R&D projects currently being carried out with the wind tunnel at KeelWit’s facilities....
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