20 Feb 2017

Isaac Prada & José María Cancer interviewed in “Foro de los RRHH” program from Capital Radio

Foro de los RRHH, conducted by Fran García Cabello, is a weekly radio program broadcasted by Capital Radio, devoted to presenting the latest trends in Human Resources Management. Isaac and José María explained how KeelWit uses the flying chamber of Madrid Fly, the Indoor Skydiving Tunnel they have designed and built, to perform Team Building exercises for companies. These are part of the training program called “Formula One Managers”, where they explain several techniques used by F1 team managers to manage their budget and personnel that can be easily adopted by any type and size of company. Team Building sessions held inside the flying chamber with wind blowing at a 120 km/h speed are a perfect tool to train and improve integration, coordination and trust among team members, as a symbol of a changing, hostile and unpredictable market environment. Companies and associations like Banco Santander, SIE or the YPO/WPO have already gone through this program. Iberdola, ASTI and Global Switch have already booked their dates in...
13 Feb 2017

F1 pilot Carlos Sainz Jr and Isaac Prada discuss about F1 aerodynamics in Onda Cero’s radio station

Last February 13th, Onda Cero broadcasted from Madrid Fly a life interview with both F1 experts in its radio program El Transistor. Under Jose Ramón De la Morena’s guidance, Carlos Sainz Jr and Isaac Prada talked about Formula 1 aerodynamics from both the pilot and the engineer perspectives. El Transistor is a sports radio program daily followed by over 350,000...
12 Dec 2016

Full page interview in Expansión financial journal

Having been awarded as “Best entrepreneurs of the year” in the contest promoted by this daily financial magazine and IFEMA, KeelWit gets a full page interview with both partners where they are asked about the origin of the company, the reasons why they quit their successful carrers to build an engineering company focused in energy efficiency, CFD analyses and aerodynamics, now applied to the engineering of Indoor Skydiving...
19 Sep 2013

Isaac Prada Interviewed on Tv Program “Aquí Hay Trabajo” Shown By Tve2

“Aquí hay trabajo” interviewed Isaac Prada on a program devoted to young entrepreneurs under the age of 30. The program analyses the labour market in Spain, the industries that are creating new jobs and the professions with the greatest potential in our country. The aim is to explain the different ways people less than 30 face the challenge of being the CEO of their own company through interviews with 4 entrepreneurs. The ideas and comments of the CEOs interviewed are intended to help other young people make the move to become entrepreneurs themselves. The interview was filmed at KeelWit’s facilities, allowing viewers to watch internal meetings, tests in the wind tunnel and other moments of everyday life at the company. To watch the interview, click on the following link:http://www.rtve.es/alacarta/videos/aqui-hay-trabajo/aqui-hay-trabajo-19-09-13/2022800/ The interview starts at minute 5’...
25 Jul 2013

JM Cancer is interviewed in www.idealista.com concerning the Energy Certificate granted to an outstanding property

The interview, with more than 43,000 visits and hosted on a leading real-estate sector website, focuses on the unique features of the solutions applied in a luxury house in La Moraleja area (Madrid) that enabled it to obtain the best energy efficiency grade available: “A”. In fact, amongst all the Energy Efficiency Certificates registered in Madrid,only 0.2% obtain an “A” grade, 0.8% achieve a “B”, 4% a “C”, 14.5 % a “D”, 48.3% an “E”, 13% an “F” and, finally, 19.2% obtain a “G”. The property is for sale at more than €7 M by PROMORA, a leading real estate agency, specialized in luxury houses and offices. The house was already designed from scratch to minimize energy consumption, as well as CO2 emissions, so it features domotic management and the most advanced materials and technologies. KeelWit, as a leading company in energy efficiency certification in buildings, describes the state of the art of energy efficiency in Spain and lists the key features to achieve a better energy efficiency grade. To see the interview and read the article: http://www.idealista.com/news/archivo/2013/07/25/0646095-como-conseguir-que-una-vivienda-tenga-la-maxima-calificacion-energetica-video For a film on the house where the interview was filmed:...
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