26 May 2013

Isaac Prada interviewed in the weekly edition of “El Pais”

The weekly edition of last May 26 of El País, leading newspaper in Spain, included an interview of Isaac Prada, founder partner of KeelWit, among other CEOs under 30 years old. During the interview Isaac talks about his career and analyses the keys to succeed transforming an idea into a sound company, how to recruit the best team for your company, and the balance between education, experience, talent and personal engagement as a key factor when choosing new members for the team. To read the full interview, click: http://economia.elpais.com/economia/2013/05/27/empleo/1369669488_346221.html...
3 Sep 2012

KeelWit Technology interviewed in TELEMADRID tv channel

KeelWit Technology was chosen by the TV chain in their daily news program, Telenoticias, to express their manager’s feelings concerning the new fiscal & legal amendments in order to boost startups and small companies, to be applied in the near future by the Government. See the interview after minute 23’ of: Telemadrid interview  ...
19 Feb 2012

RNE and Gestiona Radio Stations interview KeelWit Technology

Spanish National Broadcasting Radio Station (RNE) interviews Isaac Prada y Nogueira in its weekly program devoted to entrepreneurship and new companies. During the interview and following debate, Isaac explained KeelWit’s history and highlights while discussing Spanish economical situation, seen through the eyes of a young company created amidst the current crisis. In January both partners José María Cancer and Isaac Prada y Nogueira were also interviewed in Gestiona Radio (business radio station from COPE broadcasting network) to explain the company’s history and main...
21 Dec 2011

KeelWit Technology interview at Intereconomia tv program “Business Connection”

On December 20, Intereconomía TV filmed an interview with both co-founders of KeelWit Technology in its offices.   This TV channel, through its “Business Connection” program, decided to interview several successful entrepreneurs with startups born in the middle of a harsh economic situation. KeelWit Technology was chosen for its sound roots in R&D and as a proof of how new companies can be successful even amidst the worst of economic circumstances if the idea behind is good and working very hard. During the interview both founders explained their previous careers as well as the idea behind the company that forced them to build KeelWit. The journalist also emphasized how such a young company had already been awarded as “Young Entrepreneurs of the Year 2011” by the Young Entrepreneurs Association (AJE) and “Startup of the Year 2011” by ICAI Engineering Association. During the filming, Intereconomia’s team showed a big interest in the new family of e-bikes designed by KeelWit Technology for Yamimoto electric bike brand, and filmed a demonstration of the Airone model, due to its unique technological features such as blinkers, rear-view camera, battery and iPhone integration. More information about the interview in: Intereconomía news To see the whole TV interview: Complete interview ...
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