8 Feb 2018

Dani Pedrosa and Marc Márquez speak about aerodynamics at Madrid Fly

The conversation took place within an event organized by Repsol Honda Team (comercial name of Honda Racing Corporation or HRC) at Madrid Fly. The world champions had firstly the oportunity of enjoying their maiden flight at Madrid Fly and later, with the help of a small horizontal wind tunnel assembled for the occasion, explained to the media gathered there the importance of aerodynamics in the performance of their motorbikes. After the event, managers of Repsol spoke with Isaac Prada to better know how KeelWit had worked in the aerodynamic design of the Madrid Fly wind...
23 Sep 2016

“Team Spirit in Formula 1” and “Managing your team under stress and in uncertain environments as Formula 1 Team principals do ”, two new trainings developed for Banco Santander and Repsol

Based on the contents of the Formula One Managers training, KeelWit has developed and taught a special course on how “Team Spirit” is developed in Formula One Teams to 34 managers of Banco Santander. The course included some exercises in the flying chamber of Madrid Fly, where team skills were tested and trained to achieve better results through planification and practice.        17 managers from REPSOL also received in the Technological Centre of the company a special training on how to manage stress and how to turn it in a positive condition for working under extraordinary pressure conditions, like Formula One teams and drivers do. The second part of this course was devoted to the quantification and limitation of uncertainty and how there are powerful tools, like clustering, to study in advance only the most relevant scenarios that can happen amidst the plethora of them that might arise.  ...
22 Apr 2012

KeelWit in the finals of the first edition of the Fondo de Emprendedores Repsol’s Awards

Fundación Repsol launched in 2011 its first edition of the Fondo de Emprendedores award. This Investment Fund is the result of the aim of Repsol to enhance energy-responsible projects and to: Promote innovation and entrepreneurship in the energy efficiency industry. Help create and enhance growth of new companies devoted to this field. Promote private investment in these companies and talent retention in their teams. Bring together R&D to market demand and vice versa. Intensify public-private partnership in R&D in Spain. 409 projects worldwide have been accepted in the contest. 4 out of them belonged to KeelWit Technology: a)    CarTemp: thermal regulation of heat flow in batteries and cabin of electric vehicles b)    EnergyBox: Design of energy storage systems from different sources (thermal, electric, kinetic, pneumatic, etc.) c)    SolarTrike: Integration on an electrically assisted tricycle of solar panels for “last mille delivery” in crowded cities. d)    SmartData: Tool to measure electricity, water, gas and fuel consumption to improve energy efficiency either at machine, production line or factory levels. After 3 rounds of judge’s analysis, 3 out of 4 projects ended among the 39 projects selected. Finally SmartData project ended among the 17 projects selected for the final session. The winners shall be granted an award and an up to two year mentoring program aimed to help develop the business model. The winner´s award ceremony shall be held in the coming weeks. For more information click here Figure: Partners Isaac Prada & José María Cancer and Engineer Head Alberto Oliver in Repsol’s R&D...
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