KeelWit presents a new electric trike for sustainable last-mile distribution

KeelWit presents a new electric trike for sustainable last-mile distribution
KeelWit presents in SIL (Logistic International Fair) held in Barcelona, the electric tricycle developed for the logistic company VIENENBICI to be used in sustainable last-mile delivery

KeelWit Technology has developed for Vienenbici a range of electrically assisted tricycles to be used for Last Mile Delivery in the downtown of big cities.

The development of this first model for parcel delivery companies has been done through a taskforce leaded by KeelWit and integrated by the COO of several of the main companies in this business. With the support of both UNO (Logistics and Transport Companies’ Confederation), e+e Proyectos y Eficiencia Energética andCITET (Technological Centre for Innovation applied to Logistics and Transport), the team held several meetings focused in establishing the definition of what an “ideal tricycle” should be. KeelWit later developed the first working prototype in only 3 months according to the “case study results”.

Powered through LiFePO4 batteries, the tricycle is equipped with substantial improvements both in technology and user-friendliness, compared with current state-of-the-art vehicles in this market. All of the improvements are bespoke features created by KeelWit, turned into standard following the requests of the 6 companies involved in the project.

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