Several working sessions held, linked to the “Formula One Managers” program

Several working sessions held, linked to the “Formula One Managers” program

After the success achieved in May with the first seminar  on the techniques used by Formula 1 Teams to improve their results that was lectured by KeelWit for 22 businessmen of different companies (Tecnatom, Airbus, Swatch Group, Robert Bosch, ATKearney, etc.)  two more trainings have taken place.

In a specific session delivered for 36 members of YPO (Young President’s Organization) the group first discussed on the difficulties on “Bringing up a technology-based start-up in Spain”. Later they worked during the P3 (Planification, Practice and Performance) workshop on how F1 Teams improve their performance in pit stops by designing, practicing and performing every single movement they are going to take, within a very limited lapse of time. This session was applied to the design of a Belly-4 flying routine to be performed with body creepers.

During the month of June, 49 members of Robert Bosch’s team in Madrid worked in a seminar devoted to creativity, problem solving and quick priority-assignment techniques.

Both workshops took place in Madrid Fly’s facilities and ended with a “maiden flight” for all those who desired to experience the Indoor Skydiving feeling.

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